North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Clowns the Fake News, as Assassination Reports are Proven False

The fake news is desperately trying to vilify North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to keep the man as an enemy to the United States, spreading falsehoods that Chairman Kim is capriciously executing top personnel and other close associates.

Hyon Song-wol, a popular North Korean pop star, was reported by the Western corporate media as being executed in 2013, but she has since re-emerged publicly. The lead singer of the Moranbong Band was touring factories in her native country alongside Chairman Kim last week.

Her signature song, “Excellent Horse-Like Lady,” was an ode to female factory workers and captivated North Koreans after its release in 2005. She is widely believed to have been romantically involved with Chairman Kim, and the two obviously remain close to this very day.

This follows other fake news reports of diplomat Kim Yong-chol being sentenced to hard labor. He resurfaced shortly after it was announced that he was purged by Chairman Kim after taking the blame for a rough round of peace talks with Trump in Hanoi that ended abruptly in February.

The New York Times released the fake news about the diplomat’s fate.

“Kim Yong-chol and his senior team members — including the special envoy Kim Hyok-chol and Kim Song-hye, both of whom accompanied Kim Yong-chol when he visited Mr. Trump in the Oval Office in January — have largely disappeared from the North’s state-run news media since the Hanoi summit ended abruptly without a deal,” the Times wrote.

Just three days later, the diplomat was seen enjoying a concert next to Chairman Kim. The fake news also ran with a story that another diplomat involved in setting up peace talks with Trump, Kim Hyok Chol, had been executed over the turbulent discussions. That story is being disputed by experts as well.

Cheong Seong-Chang, who works as an analyst for the Sejong Institute in South Korea, told USA Today that Chairman Kim executing Kim Hyok Chol does not make much sense because he is not a senior official.

“If Kim Jong Un sentences senior officials to hard labor, executes them, or puts them in political prison camps over the collapse of meetings, then no official would be willing to step up in external negotiations,” Chang said. “It’s unlikely that Kim would issue extreme punishment unless he’s giving up on the talks with the United States.”

With all of the egg on the fake news’ face courtesy of the North Koreans, one must wonder if Kim has learned a thing or two about how to play 4D chess from his good friend President Donald Trump!

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