North of 8 Million Ukrainian Refugees Have Settled Abroad

Since the breakout of the Russo-Ukrainian War in 2022, over 8 million Ukrainian residents have found new homes abroad.

Russia has been the largest recipient of Ukrainian refugees at 35%. Poland was in second place in receiving Ukrainian refugees  at 1.5 million, while Germany has received slightly over 1 million Ukrainian refugees.

The Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain are the next highest recipients of Ukrainian refugees in continental Europe, all three have taken in a combined total of 10% of Ukrainian refugees.

Other refugees have found new homes outside of Europe. 

For example, the US has the fifth largest Ukrainian refugee population on the planet. What’s happening in Ukraine is a colossal tragedy which could have been prevented had a more realist foreign policy been pursued by leaders of the Collective West. However, Western countries are not obligated to take in Ukrainian refugees.

National interest, not blind, humanitarianism should be what dictates policy in dealing with Ukrainian refugees.

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