NOT RACIST: Democrat Tony Cardenas Was Partying in Puerto Rico, Which Is What Jason Smith Meant

Democrat Steny Hoyer mentioned “prejudice” and “racism” when referring on the House floor to Republican Jason Smith of Missouri telling a Democrat to “go back to Puerto Rico.” Hoyer’s comments came during a floor fight Thursday that led to a vote on a Democrat spending bill getting delayed until a do-over next week.

That Democrat, Tony Cardenas, is the chairman of BOLD PAC, which led 30 Democrats to a trip in Puerto Rico during the government shutdown with 109 lobbyists and corporate executives. Also, Cardenas is Mexican-American, not Puerto Rican.

“Congressman Smith’s comment was directed at all the Democrats who were vacationing down in Puerto Rico last weekend during the government shutdown, not towards any individual member,” Jason Smith’s office said in a statement. 

Here is Steny Hoyer’s disgustingly misleading display:

Big League Politics reported: 

Despite an ongoing government shutdown reaching unprecedented lengths, it appears that many Congressional Democrats haven’t let potential negotiations with the President get in the way of a celebrity-starred vacation to the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico.

At least 30 Democrats from the House and Senate are said to be kicking back on the islandin a trip sponsored by lobbyists from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Comcast and Verizon. They’ll have a chance to view a showing of the hit musical Hamilton, and get acquainted with the show’s cast.

BOLD PAC, a political component of the ethnic-lobby House Hispanic Caucus, is said to have chartered a Boeing 737 to transport visitors to the Caribbean island, still said to be recovering from the effects of Hurricane Maria.

A photo surfaced of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez enjoying himself on a Puerto Rican beach.

The fuss about government employees having to wait for an end to a shutdown to receive paychecks doesn’t seem to apply for these 30 Democrats, who are unwilling to cancel a luxurious trip to negotiate with Republicans on an end to the shutdown.

Perhaps Menendez should be more careful about signing himself up for lavish overseas trips. (Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea.) The Senator was charged with accepting bribes in the form of gifts, most notably trips to the nearby Dominican Republic, where it’s alleged he was provided underaged prostitutes by a doctor named Salomon Melgen. Despite being charged by prosecutors in regards to the trips themselves, Menendez got off easy in a ‘not guilty’ ruling that left many anti-corruption advocates shaking their heads.

Hopefully Menendez will be inclined to act in a more responsible manner on this trip on account of being surrounded by his Democratic colleagues and corporate lobbyist handlers.

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