NOT Surprising: Kathy Griffin Wants Covington Kids Doxxed

Extreme leftist, Kathy Griffin, has called for the doxxing of the kids involved in the Covington Catholic School incident.

Having no luck with the adults in politics, Griffin reaches to take down teenaged Trump supporters. Tweeting out that she wants “NAMES”, Griffin wants to shame the “f*****s”.

The ever-classy Trump hater’s language towards these children is less than surprising. Clearly triggered by smirking teenagers in red hats, Griffin had to add in her two cents about the incident.

Would Griffin had weighed in if the boys had not been wearing MAGA hats? Probably not. But, making it her MO to destroy any form of support towards President Trump, the once comedian calls for the names of the teenagers to be released.

Wonder what she plans to do with that information? Surely she has something planned.

After requesting private information on minors, Griffin received a Tweet from Robby Starbuck asking why this type of language and request is allowed on Twitter. Donald Trump Jr, quickly added in:

Of course, Griffin profoundly responded:

Nothing is surprising from Kathy Griffin anymore. Derogative terms and slander are her only lines of defense. Her same-old verbally abusive Twitter attacks are beyond over-played and have lost their sting.

Perhaps she will have more luck with her newly stocked online store.

Things must be rough when you stoop to selling autographed playbills for merely $50.

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