NOT WELCOME: Mitt Romney is the Only Republican Left Out of White House Task Force

Utah Senator Mitt Romney was the only GOP senator not asked to take part in President Donald Trump’s recently unveiled bipartisan task force which has the goal of reopening the country during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Almost 100 lawmakers from the two parties were selected to join “the Opening Up America Again Congressional Group,” according to the list published by the White House on April 16, 2020. Romney was the only Republican Senator excluded.

An official told CNN that Romney was not asked to be on the call.

This move is part of Romney and Trump’s heated relationship that reached a boiling point when Romney voted to convict Trump on the charge of abuse of power during the impeachment trial.

The White House also noted in its press release on April 16 that “President Trump was pleased to hear such positive feedback” in his conference call with the task force “about the work that the Administration is doing to keep America healthy and prosperous, and thanked them for their participation.”

Trump is correct to leave Romney out.

Not only is he practically in the tank with the political establishment, Romney is a seasoned plutocrat that supports establishment holy grail issues such as regime change and endless wars.

Trump would do best to continue ignoring him.

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