NPR Claims They Have Ignored Hunter Biden Email Leaks Because ‘We Don’t Want to Waste Readers’ Time’

National Public Radio (NPR) has issued an official explanation for why they have largely ignored the exclusive Hunter Biden laptop story. They are claiming it is a waste of time and covering it is beneath them.

Terence Samuels, the Managing Editor for News for NPR, explained how he and other Masters of Truth have decided that the public does not deserve to know the truth about Hunter Biden’s crony deals and their implications regarding his powerful father, vice president and Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” Samuels said.

NPR posted the quote on their Public Editor account on Twitter:

Even though NPR claims they “don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories,” they published a hit piece attacking the alleged sources of the leaks in order to cast doubt on the revelations that not even the Biden family has claimed are untrue:

In the propaganda piece to protect the Bidens, NPR Media Correspondent David Folkenflik said New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop “was a story marked more by red flags than investigative rigor.”

This desperate hack even had the audacity to blame the evil Russians for the leaked information that is damaging to the Biden family.

“The context also screams for caution: U.S. officials say Russian disinformation campaigns have sought to keep Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine in the public eye,” Folkenflik wrote.

Folkenflik even admitted that he could not debunk the findings in the initial reporting. He even admitted that he could do nothing but speculate while refusing to look into the facts of the matter.

“The New York Post story could someday be proven accurate, or largely right,” wrote Folkenflik, who does not even pretend that he would ever do this sort of investigative work. “Or perhaps what was published is a far cry from investigative journalism, but rather speculative partisan advocacy. A totem of our media moment.”

In predictable fashion, NPR is being decimated on Twitter for their Orwellian actions that are a total affront to legitimate journalism.

NPR and other fake news entities in the tank for Democrats have made a mockery of the Fourth Estate. The massive conspiracy of institutional power to prevent President Trump from obtaining re-election, and take the decision out of the hands of the American people, is unlike anything the world has seen.

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