NPR Runs Blatantly False Story, Refuses to Issue Correction

NPR, a taxpayer-funded far-left radio organization, ran a demonstrably false news story about France’s Minister of European Affairs which it has not yet retracted despite the story having been proved to be entirely false.

NPR’s “Morning Edition” host Rachel Martin said:

After yet another narrow and indecisive vote in the British Parliament last week, [Nathalie] Loiseau decided to name her cat Brexit. She said, quote, “he wakes me up every morning meowing to death because he wants to go out. And then when I open the door, he stays put undecided and glares at me when I put him out.” [emphasis added]

That story, it turns out, was completely fabricated, as noted by Raheem Kassam on Twitter. Loiseau doesn’t even have a cat.

“It was a joke, obviously,” Loiseau said Sunday afternoon. “I don’t have a cat.”

The joke originated on her Facebook page – where our very serious reporters are getting their very serious information. Several outlets reported the news. None, apparently, bothered to verify whether the cat even existed.

“The fake news media strikes again. With no apologies nor corrections. The French minister in question didn’t name her cat Brexit. She doesn’t even have a cat,” Kassam said.

NPR did not immediately return a comment request.

This is yet another folly, typical of a day in the life of the fake news media, which has far more important things to worry about than pesky facts, like whether President Donald J. Trump cheats at golf, or whether it can destroy a duly elected American president by peddling a conspiracy theory about Russian “collusion” for two full years, and then refuse to apologize for its lies.

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