NRA Fails to Mention or Congratulate Kyle Rittenhouse, Even After His Acquittal

The National Rifle Association has declined to so much as mention Kyle Rittenhouse, failing to recognize or acknowledge the plight of a young man who some have identified as carrying out one of the most historic self-defense acts in American history.

Searches for any mention of Rittenhouse- even after the Illinois youth’s acquittal- on the NRA Twitter feed come up completely empty. The Virginia organization hasn’t so much as mentioned or issued a press release supporting Rittenhouse during his one and a half year ordeal, with other pro-2A organizations such as the Gun Owners of America outflanking the NRA with open and proud support of Kyle Rittenhouse.

What is the point of activism and organizing in support of the Second Amendment if its adherents will simply stand by quietly as prosecutors attempt to criminalize the actual use of it? Rogue prosecutors such as Thomas Binger represent as great of a threat to gun rights as Democrat politicians, if not an even greater one.

There are many supporters of the Second Amendment who continue to identify with the NRA. The organization is known for effective work at the state legislative level, at times targeting and spearheading the removal of anti-2A politicians who betray their constituents with gun grabs. The NRA’s support of gun rights dates back to the American Civil War; a pedigree many Johnny-come-lately gun groups can’t match up to.

But the quiet dismissal of Kyle Rittenhouse’s plight is a dereliction of duty the NRA’s core supporters can’t simply ignore. The NRA’s leadership owes it to the millions of Americans who continue to support the organization’s mission to stand up far more forcefully for those who utilize their Second Amendment rights- even when it doesn’t align with a Conservative Inc. and banal political message.

Some prominent supporters of gun rights activism have expressed discomfort with internal conflicts and allegations of self-enrichment surrounding the NRA, with longtime activists calling for seemingly eternal CEO Wayne LaPierre to retire in order for new leadership to lead the organization.

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