NRA Shills for Establishment Texas House Speaker

According to Lone Star Gun Rights, the National Rifle Association is providing cover for House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

In a flyer mailed out across the state, the NRA defended Bonnen’s supposedly pro-gun record.

On the flyer, it said “Claims made recently by certain groups that Speaker Bonnen is anti-Second Amendment are patently false.”

The establishment gun lobby claimed that “Those groups are simply engaging in attacks and distortion in an effort to raise money from unsuspecting members of the pro-gun community.”

This comes in the aftermath of a concerted effort carried out by Bonnen to defame grassroots activists like Chris McNutt and eventually kill Constitutional Carry legislation.


Texas is currently ranked in 9th place according to the 2018 Guns & Ammo rankings for most gun-friendly states in the nation.

However, this could change with news of a new backdoor gun confiscation bill, HB 545, being rammed through the legislature. If passed, this bill would severely undermine both gun rights and due process rights, which have traditionally been upheld by the Texas constitution.

2019 has been a disappointing year for no-compromise gun rights activists in Texas so far with Constitutional Carry dead and gun control on the move.


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