NRCC Leader Tom Emmer Squirms in Confrontation with Laura Loomer Over Support of Liz Cheney and Refusal to Address ‘Stolen Election’

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), leader of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), squirmed under the pressure as he was confronted by banished journalist Laura Loomer for his refusal to oppose RINO traitors like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Loomer confronted Emmer on Saturday morning during a massive donor retreat held by the NRCC in Key Biscayne, Fla. He angrily cut off Loomer in order to censor her before she could finish her questioning.

“I saw your slide show that says 2022 top-targeted incumbents but I noticed that Liz Cheney’s name is not on that list so I was just kind of wondering: How do you determine who your top-targeted incumbents are?” Loomer asked.

“Are you paying attention to the feelings and the sentiments of the Trump base that is very angry with the stolen election, and why are you supporting Republicans and not trying to remove incumbents who voted to impeach Donald Trump? It just seems like it would be a no-brainer to want to challenge these ten Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump,” she added.

“I’ll just tell you flat out: We are a member committee. We are not here to run against our members. These guys are very talented and can run their own races. Those make their own decisions at home. They’ll run their own races, as I told you, we don’t get involved in primaries,” Emmer said, cutting Loomer off with help from the RINOs in attendance drowning her out with applause.

“I’m glad that you have the energy and have the desire to make a difference, and good luck out there, but that’s not appropriate here, and we can talk about that somewhere else,” he added.

The entire video can be seen here:

Loomer, who is primary challenging Rep. Dan Webster in Florida’s 11th U.S. Congressional district, blames House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for the NRCC’s craven refusal to stand for America First values.

“Kevin McCarthy gave a presentation about his goals and focus for the 2022 election year, and he included a slideshow presentation equipped with images highlighting issues that he claims are the most important issues for Republican voters,” Loomer said in a statement. “I noticed that election integrity and big tech social media censorship were not mentioned by Kevin McCarthy at all during his presentation. There was no mention of the stolen election, and I didn’t hear President Donald Trump’s name mentioned once. There was also zero mention of the ‘America First agenda.’”

Loomer said that “Team McCarthy” pushed their top-10 list of incumbents who should be removed in 2022, with none of the individuals who voted to impeach Donald Trump on the list. She also noted that McCarthy’s establishment henchman, Emmer, refused to let her ask a second question addressing the issue of tech censorship and what the NRCC is doing on the crucial issue of election integrity.

“The unfortunate reality is this NRCC event that I attended today is supposed to be the GOP setup for the takeover of the House for 2022, and there wasn’t any acknowledgement of President Donald Trump as the leader of the party, and zero mention of the America First agenda and America First candidates like myself,” Loomer said.

“Given all of these facts, no wonder why they didn’t want me asking them the hard, elephant-in-the-room questions. I was also approached by others afterwards who told me they agreed with me and were disturbed to see Tom Emmer censor a legitimate America First candidate,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on how McCarthy and the GOP establishment refused to do anything when Loomer was blacklisted by Big Tech, even though the tech monopolists will eventually come for their rights at some point too:

The aggressive deplatforming of journalist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer by Big Tech entities is spreading throughout the corporate apparatus.

YouTube recently removed Loomer’s ability to make public posts on the Google-owned video streaming service…

While Loomer is used to being jerked around by tech monopolies, other corporations are beginning to join the trend. The financial system is starting to blacklist Loomer and other dissidents while the Republican establishment lines their pockets and looks the other way.

Big League Politics reported earlier this week on how Loomer was booted from Stripe, in similar fashion to former president Donald Trump. Even though the payment processor is discriminating against patriotic conservatives, the Republican Party is still running their WinRed platform through Revv, a Stripe partner.

“Revv has now made it so that you can’t have candidate accounts unless you go through WinRed. WinRed uses Stripe which banned Trump and me,” Loomer wrote in a Telegram post.

“The Republican Party is setting themselves up to be DEPLATFORMED. How stupid can these people at the GOP be? Apparently really stupid. Do not donate to the GOP or RNC. Only candidates,” she added.

While it is certainly true that Republican leaders are stupid, they are also bought off and beholden to the corporate elite. These weak-willed operatives may believe that their years of dutiful service to their special interest masters will protect them from the Orwellian onslaught.

The top contributor for House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) throughout 2019-2020 was Comcast. Comcast made the decision to prevent Loomer from sending texts because they arbitrarily determined she was a “dangerous” in the heat of a congressional campaign last year…

GOP leaders look the other way, and allow their champions and their constituents to have their rights violated, because they are getting paid off by the perpetrators.”

The Republican establishment has not learned the right lessons from the rise of Trump. They will continue to hamstring the potential for GOP success in the mid-terms this year with their buffoonery.

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