NRCC Uses ‘Ethnic Slur’ to Criticize Republicans Annoyed by Fundraising Spam Texts

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is using the anti-white ethnic slur “Karen” to malign Republicans angry with their endless annoying spam texts begging for money.

The NRCC singled out Townhall commentator Kurt Schlichter for posting the following tweet:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out their use of an ethnic slur in denigrating their own constituents who are expected to put them into office in November:

Twitter users were equally perplexed and angered by the haughty and disrespectful response from the NRCC.

“You’d raise even more with texts that don’t cause a big chunk of the base to reply STOP because they’re insulted by the tone of the texts. The base is right about this. There’s enthusiasm to donate but messaging can be much better,” wrote user @robbystarbuck in response.

“I always assumed the GOP machine had nothing but contempt for their voters and benefactors and now I see it’s true,” wrote user @fenixash8 in a comment.

The @NRCC should FIRE whomever in the chain wrote and approved of that text and this response,” wrote user @TimRunsHisMouth. “Way to piss off major influencers in your base, dipsh*ts.”

“Way to get ratioed BTW. And spare me the whole “we’re electing conservatives.” I’m not an idiot. I’ve been around this town almost 25 yrs. I guarantee most of that money is going to candidates who are in fact not really conservatives, but more the puke establishment kind,” wrote user @nedryun in a tweet.

“I like and want to support @realDonaldTrump but I sadly had to unsubscribe because of the numerous and threatening text messages,” wrote user @thatx209xguy in response.

Journalist Mike Cernovich has even contended that the NRCC’s fundraising tactics are illegal:

“[B]esides getting their shortcode shutdown by the carriers, the Trump Campaign could be looking at FCC fines for each phone number texted despite not consenting to receive texts,” political consultant Sandi Fox said, echoing Cernovich’s criticism.

The NRCC’s aggressive fundraising tactics have even prompted a national push to ban text soliciting with Americans growing more peeved over the requests.

“We listen to our customers as to what they want to receive, and Morning Consult confirms what we hear every day from consumers—that political texts are often viewed by consumers as a nuisance or spam. This is one area of actual bipartisanship—74% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats. Spam is spam whether it’s an unwanted text from a bank, a concert promoter or a campaign,” wrote wireless communications trade group CTIA about the controversy.

“Seeing telecom giants prevent mass texting on a national scale is something that we’ve long expected and I would not be surprised to see that trend continue and to affect both Democrat and Republican campaigns this fall,” said Michael Luciani, CEO of The Tuesday Company.

“A machine sending millions of text messages from an unknown sender — or even a system that allows volunteers to do the same — will always raise flags and will always be vulnerable to this kind of intervention,” he added. “Even if we find a solution to this problem, it’s my opinion that legislation banning mass texting is inevitable.”

The NRCC may destroy a lucrative revenue stream for political campaigns because of their greed. It seems as if everything the GOP establishment touches eventually withers and dies.

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