Nunes: We Are Prepared To Submit Our First Criminal Referral on Russia Hoax

California Rep. Devin Nunes and his Republican cohorts are gearing up to send criminal referrals to the FBI and Department of Justice — which could likely begin next week. (READ — HOWLEY: Here’s The Full Story of How Obama, Hillary and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century).

The DOJ is the better bet to actually do something to prosecute the hoaxers, and President Trump made it clear as soon as Mueller came up empty-handed that he is looking into investigating “the other side.” Don Jr. also made it clear on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the Democrats were the ones colluding (though we shouldn’t forget the late John McCain and his pal Lindsey Graham’s involvement in spreading the anti-Trump dossier).

“I think we’re prepared now to at least submit our first criminal referral,” Nunes stated.


President Donald Trump wants Adam Schiff to resign from Congress. House Republicans are clearly in lockstep with the president’s ambition, with the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee demanding that Schiff resign as chairman of that committee.

Schiff’s multi-year crusade to falsely pin President Trump with Russian collusion failed. Schiff’s legacy is not a good one.

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