NY Prosecutor Admits ‘Working With China’ In Baseless Case Against Prominent Chinese Dissident Miles Guo

When Judge Katharine H. Parker sat on the bench to preside over the scheduled arraignment of Miles Guo, the famed anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dissident, she had apparent concerns about the U.S. prosecutors withholding critical information from Mr. Guo and the Court, specifically information regarding the U.S. Government’s collaboration with the Chinese Government.

After having concluded the brief legal procedures of Mr. Guo’s arraignment, during which Mr. Guo pleaded not guilty, Judge Parker took the unusual action of reminding the prosecutors of their legal obligation to disclose certain information to Mr. Guo, such as contacts with foreign governments or potential conflicts of interest by current or former members of the prosecutor’s team. The Judge further noted that such an obligation is “ongoing” and warned of “serious consequences” that range from the dismissal of the case all the way to judicial disbarment for

Answering Judge Parker, the New York prosecutors, under pressure, disclosed that the prosecutors’ team had worked “a lot with China” throughout the investigation of Mr. Guo. A silent shock wave took the Courtroom by storm as everyone became bewildered by the ironically
cynical response.

Indeed, leaving aside that Mr. Guo has not even resided in China since at least 2017, the fact that the U.S. prosecutors felt comfortable working with a lawless tyranny like the CCP to criminally prosecute Mr. Guo, the regime’s most feared enemy, on American soil should scare
every American.

There are plenty of good reasons to question the true intent of the prosecutors. After all, the DOJ has an ugly history of being infiltrated and weaponized by the CCP – specifically against Mr. Guo. In 2017, George Higginbotham, former Senior Congressional Affairs Specialist at the
DOJ, traveled to Shenzhen, China to secretly meet with Sun Lijun, Vice Minister of Public Security, to plot a scheme to force Mr. Guo’s return to China. Higginbathom also walked into the Chinese Embassy in D.C. to meet with Ambassador Cui Tiankai in advancement of the same
scheme. That same year in 2017, Minister Sun and several other high-ranking CCP officials also traveled to the U.S. to try to illegally remove Mr. Guo from American soil. Higginbotham would go on to plead guilty for conspiracy to deceive U.S. banks on illicit foreign lobbying funds.

But Sun and Higginbotham are likely pawns of someone much more powerful: when President Xi met with President Trump in 2017, Xi personally requested Mr. Guo’s return to China, even offering a new assistance package to North Korea in exchange. In the six years following 2017, the CCP has infiltrated law firms, attorneys, and judges involved in the regime’s unrestricted lawfare against Guo, hacking the computers of the law firm preparing Guo’s political asylum application and compromising judges and lawyers, including Barry Ostrager and Luc Despins to force Guo into bankruptcy, thereby installing Despins as Trustee to destroy Guo and the New Federal State of China, a global movement aimed at ousting the CCP from power.

Given the DOJ’s own infiltration and the CCP’s relentless attacks, the public ought to ask: what is the extent of the DOJ’s collaboration with the Chinese government in Mr. Guo’s prosecution? Without a doubt, the malicious prosecution of Miles Guo by the Southern District of New York and the SEC sparked more controversy about the DOJ’s own infiltration by the CCP than the merits of the baseless allegations. Working in any capacity with the Chinese Government regarding Mr. Guo’s case would be the modern equivalent of the U.S Government working with
the Nazis to persecute Jewish Americans during WWII.

In 2017, Mr. Guo exposed the now infamous 13579 plan, which revealed the CCP’s plan, under Xi’s directive, to create and release a biological weapon within three years against America – now known as Covid-19. He gave thousands of pages of documents to the FBI regarding the
virus, among other plans by the CCP to infiltrate America. Yet even after the FBI had confirmed the document’s authenticity, the infiltration-ridden agency failed to act.

Never before has one political party declared war on the entire world. The CCP, however, has managed to declare war on not just all nations but indeed humanity’s very existence by launching a biological weapon onto an unsuspecting world. However, the millions of dead
Americans would have been here with us today if the U.S. government had taken seriously the critical intelligence brought forward by Mr. Guo in 2017.

Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding Mr. Guo’s arrest at 6:33 AM on March 15th couldn’t be more suspicious: hours after Mr. Guo’s arrest at around noon, when no one but FBI agents were inside Mr. Guo’s 18th-floor residence, a fire of still yet unknown origin broke out and caused severe damage to the property. The several dozen FBI agents on site apparently had no clue what went on, even though it happened right under their noses. The FBI agents might have insensitive noses, but this incident stinks of the agency’s fishiness from a mile away. Perhaps they found information inside the apartment that are detrimental to the CCP, so they let it disappear out of convenience?

Whatever the true intent, one thing is clear: a well-maintained luxury residence at the heart of New York does not lit itself on fire.

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