NY Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax Files Motion to Stop Far-Left Gerrymandering

New York Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax is suing to stop left-wing gerrymandering in the state that would prevent conservatives from having equal representation in the state assembly.

He filed an emergency motion on Sunday night imploring State Supreme Court Judge Patrick McAllister to throw out new maps written for the state assembly. McAllister previously threw out gerrymandered maps for the state senate and US Congress that were written unlawfully by Democrat shysters.

“In its decision last week, the Court of Appeals determined that the Assembly map was subject to the same unconstitutional procedures as were the congressional and state Senate maps,”  Wax’s attorney Aaron Foldenauer stated in the emergency motion, according to reporting from the New York Post.

“The only reason that the State Assembly maps have not been struck down is because of a procedural technicality, which is hardly a justification for unconstitutional maps to stand,” Foldenauer told the New York Post.

“I will not stand for New Yorkers to suffer from the whims of an unconstitutional and undemocratic process. The exclusion of State Assembly District maps from the special master’s redistricting efforts will subject New Yorkers to a decade of misrepresentation in state government,” Wax said to the New York Post.

Big League Politics has reported on other times in which Wax and his organization have stood up for freedom against tyranny in the Empire State:

The New York Young Republicans are under fire from the Democrat establishment for planning to hold an in-person event as Gov. Andrew Cuomo is instituting another business-crippling lockdown.

The group is not backing down under fire, as evidenced by a Twitter thread from the group’s president, Gavin Wax. Wax has said that his group will strike back in court if state thugs unduly restrict their 1st Amendment right to organize politically.

Additionally, Wax appeared on the “War Room” podcast to discuss the entire situation on Wednesday:

… More populist anger is rapidly building against Cuomo and other lockdown proponents who want to replace the Bill of Rights and Constitution with permanent technocracy.”

Wax is showing that New York is far from a lost cause, and conservatives can have effectiveness as activists in all 50 states if they are willing to take the fight directly to far-left radicals and RINOs.

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