NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams To Keep Private Sector Vaccine Mandate

NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams announced on Thursday that he will be keeping De Blasio’s COVID vaccine mandate in place.

According to The New York Daily News, Eric Adams held a press conference on combating the Coronavirus. At this press conference the mayor elect proclaimed “The private sector mandate — which took effect Monday and was devised by Mayor de Blasio — is an “imperative” weapon in fighting back against a recent explosion of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in the city driven by the omicron variant.”

This was said despite the recent surge in cases in NYC, which has had strict enforcement of COVID vaccine mandates under De Blasio.

Adams also said “I am going to really expand on the communication and education. I don’t believe we need to be heavy-handed with our businesses. COVID has been heavy-handed enough.” He added “What we are doing now by speaking with our large businesses and our small businesses, we’re going to receive the level of cooperation we need to ensure that we get the compliance that we need. And I believe, if there was one critique, as I stated, I think that the mayor in a state of urgency with which he was faced — we could’ve all done a better job at communicating with our various stakeholders.

Clearly, despite the lack of a successful approach by the De Blasio administration to combating COVID Adams plans on sticking with his approach even while doing a little more explaining. On Wednesday, New York state said it registered a single-day record of 74,000 positive tests.

Despite continuing the De Blasio approach to vaccine mandates, Adams made clear he doesn’t plan on shutting down New York again. “That’s the goal,” Adams said. “We can’t shut down our city again.”

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