NYPD Officer on Looting Patrol Stabbed in the Neck In Premeditated Assassination Attempt

Chilling surveillance camera footage reveals a calculated assassination attempt on a New York Police Department Officer on anti-looting patrol last week.

Footage reveals Dzenan Camovic approaching an unnamed NYPD officer from behind and forcefully stabbing him in the neck.

In a dark twist, it’s been revealed that Camovic, 20, chanted the Islamic slogan “allahu akbar” as he carried out the vicious assassination attempt. The man allegedly went on to take the stabbed officer’s firearm and shoot two other police officers before being neutralized.

Camovic was shot several times by nearby officers, and is currently hospitalized. Sources indicate that the man is the son of Bosnian immigrants. He’s slated to face three charges of attempted murder against police officers.

This was not a chance encounter—it was a planned assassination attempt on an NYPD police officer,stated the police department’s public affairs division.

Camovic reportedly opened a Twitter account earlier this month, and liked 24 left-wing tweets supporting George Floyd protests, inciting hate against police officers, and reporting on looting activity throughout New York City.

The monthly murder rate in New York City is up more than 100% relative to 2019, and it’s likely the city will face serious challenges to its social and economic model as it reels from being the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and endures some of the worst looting and riotous crime in the United States.

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