NYPD Officers Planning 4th of July “Independence” Strike Against Anti-Police Climate

Support for an upcoming Fourth of July strike among New York Police Department officers is growing, with police personnel sharing a photo of a flier explaining the motives for the strike with their colleagues.

A sizable contingent of officers is already planning to walk off the job at “1500 hours” or 3PM on the national holiday, leaving America’s biggest city without an appropriate police force. The left-wing protestors and rioters continually calling for the abolition of the agency will have a taste of life without a professional police force to enforce the law and ensure public safety.

Police officers like you and me took an oath to protect strangers regardless of race, class or gender,” states one of the strike fliers. “Today we are vilified and must stand as one. Enclosed are instructions on how we will get our point across that we are necessary and must be valued.”

Police are technically legally forbidden from striking under New York public employee laws, but the strike plan calls for officers to utilize their sick time hours to avoid showing up.

New York City has suffered some of the worst looting and rioting in the nationwide George Floyd riots, with looters receiving almost free reign to pillage midtown Manhattan after progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the NYPD to stand down. The Mayor’s wife, Chirlane McCray, has also described the notion of a city without police as a “nirvana,” a utopian vision she’ll have a chance to see firsthand as thousands of New York Police officers walk off the job in protest of the anti-law enforcement climate.

The people and this city doesnt honor us why honor them,” the strike flier argues. “So its easy to loot and riot without repercussions but its not easy to do our job because the city will hang us.

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