NYT’s Bret Stephens Deletes Twitter Account After Throwing Fit Over ‘Bedbug’ Joke

After an incident in which Bret Stephens reported an obscure college professor to his university provost for calling him a ‘bedbug,’ the NYT columnist has deleted his Twitter account.

Stephens confirmed he was deleting his account on Tuesday, blaming the medium for being widely mocked for his actions in response to a petty insult from a college professor.

Dave Karpf, an associate professor at George Washington University, received a scathing email from Stephens out of the blue when he compared the neoconservative columnist to a bedbug. Reports had surfaced indicating the the New York Times newsroom was riddled with the pests, and Karpf made a lighthearted pun at Stephen’s expense.

The bedbug tweet had only nine likes when Stephens tattled on Karpf to his boss, hoping the professor would be punished for his comparison. Karpf published Stephens’ insane email shortly after.

Stephens’ dramatic reaction to the pun blew up in his face, as Americans across the political spectrum united to laugh hysterically at his thin skin. The legacy media Never-Trumper apparently can’t comprehend that some mild criticism comes as a cost of being a public figure.

Stephens went on to defend his aggressive reaction, strangely claiming that the ‘bedbug’ slight was akin to the propaganda of totalitarian regimes.

The media bigwig later sanctimoniously announced he’d be deleting his Twitter account, claiming that the platform itself brought out “the worst in humanity.” A bit of laughable mockery seems to have been enough to bring out his inner triggered snowflake, by all accounts.

It almost goes without saying that Stephens will be back on Twitter within a few weeks. The liberal centrist pundit can’t go too long without publishing new thinkpieces in favor of the Iraq War, deporting working class Americans, and other globalist policies.

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