NYU Journalism School Hires Feminist Who Slandered ICE Agent to Teach Doxxing Course

Hate-filled leftist Talia Lavin was caught making up fake news about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent having a Nazi tattoo and lost her job as a fact-checker at the New Yorker as a result of her actions.

The globalist system always protects its most heinous vermin though so it didn’t take long for Lavin to land on her feet with a taxpayer-funded job at New York University (NYU). She will be teaching a course about “Reporting on the Far Right” where she will teach young people how to harass, bully and threaten conservatives to strike at their core freedoms.

Even some of the left-leaning students of NYU are crying foul at such a reprehensible figure being hired to influence and mold young minds.

“I sympathize with Lavin’s politics, but I don’t know why someone who had to quit their journalism job for falsely implying someone is a Nazi should be teaching at NYU,” said a journalism student, who spoke to The Wrap anonymously due to fear of reprisal from the university’s Soviet-esque commissars. “I know there are plenty of reporters out there in need of work who haven’t made a mistake like that.”

Lavin became a national embarrassment last June after she accused Justin Gaertner, a disabled US military veteran who works as ICE agent, of being a Nazi because she mistakenly identified his Maltese Cross tattoo as a Nazi symbol. She disgraced herself as well as showing that the fake news is working constantly to destroy the reputations of individuals putting their safety on the line to enforce border security.

ICE even smacked down this woman for disrespecting the military in her desperate attempt to impede border enforcement:

This entitled leftist even had the audacity to complain after the fact about ICE holding her responsible for her malicious ignorance:

After being booted from the New Yorker, Lavin was immediately hired by the Soros-backed Media Matters where they do not even feign the pretense of having objectivity and standards. NYU does not list Lavin’s history of working for the New Yorker or Media Matters on her staff page, suggesting that the school administrators are deliberately perpetrating a fraud by hiding her dismal record from students.

The rehabilitation of Talia Lavin shows that modern liberalism has no ethics. Lavin’s only crime was getting caught as she tried to destroy the life of a disabled veteran trying to secure our borders, and she did not even suffer for that. If anything, being a proven liar and a phony made her more employable to the Marxist cult.

The Left will lie, cheat and steal to complete their ransacking of the United States, and the complicity of the NYU academics shows that institutional power is firmly behind this sinister globalist agenda to destroy Western Civilization.

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