Oakland Breonna Taylor Statue Smashed in Potential Protest of Black Lives Matter Movement

A commemorative bust of Kentucky woman and Black Lives Matter martyr Breonna Taylor was vandalized and smashed in the city of Oakland over the weekend, with police vowing vengeance against the peaceful protestors that deconstructed the religious icon.

Taylor, who has been elevated globally as a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement, was shot and killed in a gunfight between police and her boyfriend, after the latter opened fire on officers who announced their presence at the couple’s Louisville apartment. The police action that resulted in Taylor’s death was not a no-known warrant as originally reported, and the situation could’ve been averted if Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opted not to open fire on police.

At first I was stunned and shocked and hurt and angry,” artist Leo Carson, who designed the sculpture. “It felt like I was personally attacked and also they attacked Breonna Taylor and the BLM movement.

Individuals with dubious personal merits, such as armed home invasion robbery convict George Floyd, have been installed as quasi-religious icons in art form for de facto public worship in dozens of major American cities. Carson is vowing to recast the statue in bronze, rendering it immune to destruction from passers-by.

One small Breonna Taylor statue is a small trinket in comparison to the hundreds of small businesses that have suffered serious damage from Black Lives Matter rioters, most of the destruction cheered on by large corporations eager to see their more independent competitors razed to the ground.

Taylor seems to have been the tragic casualty of a situation that could’ve been avoided, but she’s not exactly a hero.


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