Obama: Benghazi is a Conspiracy Theory

If anyone watched Obama’s speech or heard it on the radio, there were many things he said that would make anyone throw their TV out the window, smash their phone or even doze off. #OnerousObama spoke praising himself because he still can’t get over the fact that President Donald J. Trump is now HIS President. Let’s remind ourselves on how adult like Barack Hussein Obama was in this video:

Never in history has a former President come out to trash a sitting President and we see that this is now being normalized.  The most atrocious of all statements, aside for trying to take credit for the booming economy and further fueling racial divide was his shocking and disgusting statement that “Benghazi was a conspiracy theory”.

The tragedy of what happened in #Benghazi is still not fully appreciated in how these four men were literally abandoned by the Obama Administration.

“I remember sitting in on the most incredible conference call of my life.  There were 14 of us on the call and in constant communications with the team which Mr. Paronto was part of.  They were asking for the green light and we were trying to figure out what the hold up was. I remember feeling angry, anxious and was on the verge of speaking out a few times. I was called onto this call because I was the buffer for the intelligence team of another Mediterranean country as the US representative. I was still handing over to my replacement who was asking me why there was a delay on response and couldn’t find the words to explain to him that this is the real face of our country. It’s ugly, evil and it’s ultimate goal is control. I simply said “We still fight hoping one day someone that believes in our country’s foundations come along”. He pinged me a simple “I understand” and did not say another word even after confirmation of the deaths of our four heroes stuck on a roof” said a former Intelligence Element that wishes to remain anonymous.

Yesterday, Kris Paronto was beside himself that the former President would refer to the tragedy of #Benghazi as a conspiracy theory.  He took to Twitter and Facebook to express his frustration and having been one of the heroes that risked his own life to save our fallen and whom’s security clearances were pulled by John Brennan due to their actions of heroism.

“We all cheered when they went in- silently.  Suddenly everyone was on mute and the pings stopped. I think I personally chain smoked a whole pack of Camels within those insane 40 minutes.  I knew, we all knew they would be terminated but prayed for their safety as they were braver than any men I have met on the battle field” our exclusive former intelligence element said.

Reported this morning by America First Media Group, Kris Paronto’s account on Twitter was temporarily suspended as he retweeted the article by Breitbart “Benghazi Heroes Debunk House Intelligence Report” , expressing detest for the comments made and calling out someone who responded to the man who killed Osama Bin Laden that Barack Hussein Obama killed Bin Laden.

He specifically tweeted

Just a few days after Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey appeared in Washington acknowledging his banning and shadow banning is left leaning and that he will “fix the issue” came a wave of pure vengeance to those that questioned him.  He banned the established and well-known alternative news outlet Infowars, many journalists on twitter that are deemed alternative media that evidently didn’t even violate TOS (Terms of Service). For example, Paul Joseph Watson’s account was temporarily suspended for simply reporting news.


The recent hearings Jack Dorsey attended didn’t stop Twitter from silencing an actual AMERICAN HERO, for speaking up against the most horrific statement Barack Hussein Obama made claiming Benghazi was a conspiracy.  That statement is  a complete disservice and very disrespectful to the memory and sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

Kris Paronto realized people of the left were reporting this tweet and tweeted out the following:


To which Twitter responded with :


This is a real problem.  Many that celebrated Alex Jones’ removal from all social media must not understand just how slippery this slope is because now a HERO is being silenced and next it could be them.  They are shameless and sound like toddlers using their #VerifiedHate platforms begging #PrincipalJack to remove people they don’t agree with like Oliver Darcy and this “Commentator for the Mail on Sunday”

These actions won’t out for Twitter because if conservatives move away from Twitter,  the twitter platform would be dead in the water . “TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER BRAD PARSCALE SAYS ‘TWITTER IS DONE’ IF TRUMP LEAVES FOR ALTERNATIVE”

It turns out that after twitter lit up with thousands of tweets from thousands of twitter users calling out #StopTheBias and #DoubleStandard Kris Paronto’s suspension was lifted but only after he deleted the tweet that Jack Dorsey’s “Safety Team” deemed a violation of TOS.


TOS : Terms of Service are supposed to be rigid and not malleable.  The tweet above that was flagged as a violation like @PrisonPlanet who was suspended did not violate terms as they did not promote violence like many  #VerifiedHate tweets we see coming from people like @SarahJeong @Rosie, has been Bette Midler and still trying to be relevant Kathy Griffin that have obviously has NOT been suspended or forced to delete the tweets even though they clearly violate the TOS.

After Jack Dorsey,  the “free speech as long as it’s left leaning” champion was confronted with all these tweets below he still determined to verify @SarahJeong  because she is a NY Times writer?  What about journalists like Laura Loomer or heroes like Kris Paronto?  The reason verification exists is to make sure that imposters saying things pretending to be someone notable like an author, blogger, journalist, scientist — even someone like me have a verified account in order to communicate with their fans or critics.  There is a clear #DoubleStandard on who is verified and how the verification process along with the “suspension” process is implemented.

Twitter is doing it wrong.  They cannot claim to be a public platform of free speech when it is evident that they are not. If President Trump moves his platform off twitter and never tweets again… Twitter stock will be in the toilet. I already sold my twitter stock (not much) and bought 3 shares of Tesla instead, have you?  It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN.

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