Ocasio-Cortez: ‘I Haven’t Heard Anything’ About Fairfax Rape Allegations

A New York Congresswoman claimed that she has not heard anything about the sexual assault allegations against Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.

“I look forward to looking into the scenario, but I haven’t heard anything about this,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when confronted by cameras in the halls of Congress.

Earlier in the video, she contradicted herself, saying that she had “not looked at all into the situation,” implying that she knew about the allegations.

That might make sense, given that she’s been busy trying to shove her “Green New Deal” down the throats of unwilling Americans, but the Fairfax story, along with that of blackface/Klan robe-wearing Gov. Ralph Northam has been the biggest story in America this week.

It’s difficult to conceive that Ocasio-Cortez is actually ignorant to the news, despite her general level of ignorance. Every Democrat dropped what he or she was doing in September to pile on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after allegations of sexual misconduct, despite few details from his accuser.

She can be seen hustling away from the cameras in the video of the incident.

At this hour, allegations of a second rape by Fairfax are breaking.


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