Official Democrat Party Twitter Accuses President Trump of “Glorifying White Supremacy” For Mount Rushmore Independence Day Event

A deleted tweet from the official Democrat Party Twitter feed on Monday night accused President Donald Trump of “glorifying white supremacy” for planning a July 3rd fireworks display at the national monument to celebrate the national independence day.

Realizing that the tweet was too transparent in revealing their naked anti-American bigotry and prejudice, the tweet was quietly deleted without clarification or correction within hours of its creation, around 10PM EST Monday night.

Mount Rushmore, which depicts the iconic American Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, has increasingly become a target of cultural ire from the cultural Left. Polling reveals that a strong majority of “very liberal” Americans already support its wholesale destruction on account of its “racism,” a sentiment that the Democratic Party’s leadership appears sympathetic to.

President Trump is planning on overseeing an elaborate fireworks display at the great monument in celebration of the legacy of American greatness.

The prized images and monuments depicting the great American civilization are nothing more than “white supremacy” worthy of hatred and contempt to the fanatic ideologues of the political Left.

It’s probably not long now until the Democrat Party fully endorses the destruction of the wonder of the world and its replacement with a soulless, uninspiring and vapid replacement highlighting their vision for an authoritarian “progressive” society.

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