“Oh She’s A Boy!” Video Shows Gender-Confused Teacher Appreciating Toddler Indoctrination

A woman telling 3-year-olds she’s a dude?! A new video from the famous conservative social media account ‘Libs of TikTok’ showed a gender-confused schoolteacher proudly reminiscing about her students’ acknowledgment of her fictitious male gender.

The woman, a Minneapolis preschool teacher who according to Alpha News instructs three-year-olds to describe themselves as “a bratty queer slu*t here to make other queer sl*ts happy,” is creating quite the online controversy.

“So today was full of little happy gender euphoria moments,” began the gender-confused individual. “I got called Mr. Micah a lot today, well, completely fem, and that was really heartwarming that the kids just got it.”

She then continued, bragging that a 3-year-old student had come to the revelation that she was, in fact, a man rather than a woman.

“My favorite reaction — and it sums me up so well I feel like — is, I was in the new classroom and I took off my mask to blow my nose, and I just hear a kid loudly whisper, ‘Oh, she’s a boy,'” the woman who believes she is a man proudly declared. “I was like, yeah, you got it, kid. You totally got it.”

Another video shared by the popular account showed the teacher explaining what seems to be an incredibly easy job application process in order to become a teacher.

The ‘male-identifying’ teacher gloated that she went through no physical screening process throughout the interview phase, allowing her to hide how she looks from any potentially judgemental employers.

“The owner of the school I work at hates the way I look. And I love, LOVE, how petty that’s gonna make me,” she giggled. “I got this job with no in-person interview, so they took no time to screen how I look or ask any questions about piercings or tattoos.”

“In case you were wondering how this teacher got hired… The hiring process explains everything…” Libs of Tik Tok wrote on their post.

Libs of Tik Tok has made news in the past, with many leftists doxing and threatening the owner out of anger with her page’s content, including perhaps most notably the disgraced Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz. Big League Politics has touched upon that subject and other related subsequent events — more on that can be found here.

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