Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Criticizes Fulton County District Attorney for Putting Trump Trial Date the Day Prior to Super Tuesday

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan criticized Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis in a letter. In the letter, Jordan highlighted that she has set the trial for former President Donald Trump to start on March 4 , 2024, which falls on  Super Tuesday, and a week  prior to the Georgia presidential primary.

Jordan called attention to how “The timing of this prosecution reinforces concerns about your motivation,” stressing that the DA decided to not press charges against Trump for over two years, strategically waiting for the perfect time to drop these charges so that it hurts Trump’s 2024 re-election bid.

“In February 2021, news outlets reported that you directed your office to open an investigation into President Trump. Indeed, sometime on or around February 11, 2021, your office purportedly sent a letter to several Republican officials in Georgia, requesting that they preserve documents relating to a ‘matter . . . of high priority’ that your office was investigating,” Jordan highlighted.

“Yet, you did not bring charges until two-and-a-half years later, at a time when the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is in full swing,” he added.

“Moreover, you have requested that the trial in this matter begin on March 4, 2024, the day before Super Tuesday and eight days before the Georgia presidential primary,” Jordan continued.

Jordan further noted in the letter that “[J]ust four days before this indictment, you launched a new campaign fundraising website that highlighted your investigation into President Trump.”

Jordan further called attention to how “A Fulton County court has disqualified you from targeting current Georgia Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones as part of your probe on the grounds that you actively supported and held fundraising events for his Democratic opponent.”

Jordan subsequently launched a investigation into the DA’s actions:

Several prominent Republicans such as Ohio Senator JD Vance have described Willis’ move as “election interference.” On X, Vance posted “Straight up election interference. No other way to put it.”


Indeed, Willis is engaging in Banana Republic-tier behavior. For that kind of behavior, she must be politically punished. We’re no longer in an era of consensus politics. The US is an existential political struggle where if the Right loses, its public officials and supporters will get liquidated. 

Those are the stakes in this epoch.

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