Ohio Democrats Reject Help From Predator-Founded Lincoln Project

Ohio Democrats are literally begging the Lincoln Project, the neoconservative “Never Trump” grift founded by Republican traitors, not to help in their upcoming U.S. Senate race in this year’s midterm elections.

Project Lincoln stated one of their top priorities is to make sure that populist America First upstart J.D. Vance, who is running in the race as a Republican, is not elected to the U.S. Senate for Ohio in November.

“While the race presents Democrats with an opportunity, it also provides the illiberal forces of MAGA and Trumpism one of their best chances to get another full-fledged Hawlesque advocate in the Senate if Vance prevails,” they said.

This caused Izzi Levy, who works as Communications Director for Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Tim Ryan, to say “[please] no” to the Lincoln Project’s help in a Twitter post.

It can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the predatory roots of the Lincoln Project, as one of their founders was caught grooming young boys:

The neocon Lincoln Project is rapidly dying, with two former staffers of the establishment liberal group calling for the PAC to be shut down in the wake of John Weaver’s pedophilia scandal.

The downfall of the group come as a second allegation of grooming and sexual harassment of a minor is leveled against Weaver, who has become a political disgrace for accounts of grooming that more than 20 young men and boys have reported.

In even more damning fashion, multiple reporters have published accounts revealing that Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt was notified of the outstanding allegations against Weaver in March 2020 by text and by email. Schmidt resigned from the Project last week.

Kurt Bardella, a former spokesman and advisor to the neocon group, candidly admitted that there was no coming back for the Lincoln Project and that it was time to shut it down…

Bardella also removed his affiliation with the Lincoln Project from his Twitter bio just days ago, suggesting a connection with the establishment anti-Trump group has become an embarrassment in political circles.

Left-wing lawyer George Conway, the spouse of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, openly agreed with Bardella that it was time to shut down the Lincoln Project in the wake of its numerous scandals. Payment processors ended their relationship with the organization last week, cutting off the grift of the group’s multimillionaire consultant operators.

Democrats realize that the Lincoln Project is led by self-serving grifters with no discernable talent or ability. They have lined their own pockets from irrational left-wing hatred of President Donald Trump, representing the worst of what politics has to offer.

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