Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Announces New Plan to Sell Out Gun Owners

On September 19, 2023, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a new proposal to allegedly stop gun violence. 

The governor was accompanied by state and federal leaders to roll out a new initiative to tackle gun violence and prevent deaths and injury occurring in Central Ohio. The  Crime Gun Intelligence Center is the facility that will focus on addressing these issues. 

The governor pointed to the creation of the National Integrated Ballistics Intelligence Network’s expansion in Ohio as a key aspect of the new center’s operations.

The ATF first developed the NIBIN, which grants investigators nationwide the power to connect firearms with crimes committed through the cartridge cases and unique markings left on them when rounds are fired from a weapon. The technology scans the casings and compares them to other casings that authorities recover from from other crime scenes.

During a press conference, DeWine brought up several cases over the last few years in which casings were recovered from crime scenes, noting that a small number of people are committing these crimes. He added that this technology will allow law enforcement to bring criminals to justice in a more efficient manner.

“They shoot up homes, they shoot up neighborhoods, they shoot up each other,” DeWine declared at the event. “They don’t care about the law and they don’t care about who they hurt. But we all do.”

The new division is made up of representatives from agencies including Columbus police, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and Ohio BCI.

“They’re sharing intelligence, they’re sharing leads, and evidence analysis all in real time to identify shooters first. The new Crime Gun Intelligence Center is currently operating under the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the governor noted.

In the last decade, Ohio has gradually improved gun policy, with Constitutional Carry’s passage standing out among other reforms. Regardless, there is still work to do in the Buckeye State. Per Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings, Ohio is ranked in 22nd place.

 Whatever pro-gun gains Ohio has made in the past decade could go to waste if its political class falls for the Siren song of Gun Control Inc. To avoid such a fate, Ohio voters must stop electing weak-kneed Republicans such as Mike DeWine and pull the lever for principled pro-gun champions instead.

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