Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Joins Other Spineless Republicans in Supporting Red Flag Laws

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine appears to be folding to anti-gun pressure.

Following the Dayton, Ohio shooting on Saturday, August 3, 2019, The Enquirer reports that DeWine unveiled certain gun control proposals such as a “red flag” law, background checks for most firearm purchases, more access to mental health treatment, and harsher penalties for felons with guns and straw purchases.

“If we do these things, it will matter,” DeWine claimed. “If we do these things, it will make us safer.”

The murderer went through the same bureaucratic process that millions of gun owners must go through to legally acquire a gun.

DeWine is one of many Republicans such as Lindsey Graham, Dan Crenshaw, and Pat Toomey who are now embracing gun control measures after these shootings.

Although they are trying to appear reasonable in the media’s eyes, none of these gun control measures are effective, nor are they conducive to civil liberties.

Universal background checks add another layer of bureaucracy to gun purchases which often hurt minorities and other groups with less resources that desperately need options for self-defense. This red tape effectively prices them out of owning a gun.

Red flag laws subvert due process by allowing judges to issue gun confiscation orders based on a simple allegation that an individual is perceived to be a threat.

Not only that, but they have been ineffective in preventing certain shootings such as the Sandy Hook Massacre. Today’s outrage culture has made people forget that Connecticut passed a red flag style law in 1999 which ultimately proved futile in stopping said massacre.

Republicans nationwide would be wise to not fall for the latest anti-gun hysteria.


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