Ohio Senator J.D. Vance Introduces Legislation to Make English Official Language of America

On March 30, 2023, Republican Ohio Senator J.D. Vance put forward legislation to make English the official language of the United States and mandate all government correspondence to be printed out in English, per a report by the Daily Caller. 

The legislation in question is titled the English Language Unity Act. Per the bill’s language, official government functions must be conducted in English, government representatives are compelled to preserve and promote the use of English in government, which includes programs to encourage that people learn English. On top of that, the bill modifies requirements for naturalization, which includes the introduction of a universal English language testing standard that requires immigrants to understand the nation’s founding documents and mandates all naturalization ceremonies to be carried out in English. 

“This commonsense legislation recognizes an inherent truth: English is the language of this country. That is why the overwhelming majority of the American people support this proposal. The English language has been a cornerstone of American culture for over 250 years. It is far past time for Congress to codify its place into law, which is exactly what this bill does,” Vance said to the Caller prior to introducing the legislation.

North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer is currently co-sponsoring this legislation. 31 states and all of the US’s four territories have English as the official language. Indeed, protecting the integrity of the English language is what any serious government should do. This is a commonsense measure to encourage assimilation.

However, the US must strike at the root of this problem by completely shutting down both illegal and legal immigration. It’s the only way to protect the integrity of the Historic American Nation and prevent it from disappearing into the civilizational ether. 

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