Ohio Small Business Owner Vows to Open Up Shop in the Summer No Matter What

Shutdowns brought about by the Wuhan Virus have greatly impacted a number of small businesses across Northeast Ohio. One business owner announced on April 15, 2020 that he will be re-opening his business in the summer, no matter what.

Bill Bader Jr, Summit Motorsports Park announced his decision in a Facebook Live video. Bader went over how difficult it is to schedule a year’s worth of programming, declaring that “COVID-19, it is unraveling before our eyes.”

“We are opening. Summit Sports Park is not going to wait for permission,” Bader declared in a video. “Summit Sports Park is not going to wait for Dr. Fauci and wait for Amy Acton and wait for Mike DeWine because none of them even know I exist and none of them really care.”

On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, Bader posted the video.

According to Bader, this decision was made for financial reasons.

“We are starving, as honest as I can possibly be,” he said, calling attention to staff layoffs, pay reductions, and loans for some of the facility upgrades

Bader said that the Norwalk park would be opening for the upcoming season, but he did not give a specific date for the aperture.

He did note that he’ll be holding another Facebook Live video next week, where he plans on announcing the full schedule.

While Bader did say the park in Norwalk would be opening for the season, he didn’t say when, but added that he’ll be hosting another Facebook Live next week, where he’ll be announcing the full schedule.

“I’m not asking,” Bader stated. “I’m opening.”

Trump was wise to roll out an opening plan.

There’s a way to handle a pandemic in a manner that takes public safety and basic economic activity into account.

However, a total shutdown would wreck many small businesses like Bader’s and put many hard-working small businessmen on the brink of shutting their doors permanently.

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