Ohio State University Encourages Freshmen Girls to Prostitute Themselves on OnlyFans During ‘Sex Week’

Ohio State University is encouraging precocious teenage freshmen girls to use OnlyFans and sell pornographic images and videos of themselves as part of their annual ‘Sex Week’ event.

“Starting an OnlyFans? Join us for a panel with OnlyFans content creators to discuss their experiences and destigmatizing digital sex work. “On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans (OnlyFans) Big B and that B stands for bands”… cue Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé,” the description for the Zoom conference reads.

The digital conference promoting OnlyFans is scheduled to take place on Feb. 20. It is unknown whether the fathers who are spending tens of thousands of dollars to send their daughters to this university know those tuition dollars are being used to manipulate her into selling her body.

Other perverted presentations offered for teenagers include: “Vanilla Sex, But With Toppings: A Conversation on Alternative Pleasure,” “That’s Toxic: A Talk on Healthy vs Toxic Masculinity,” “Beyond the Gender Binary with Alok,” “Holy Sexuality: Envisioning Inclusive Sex Ed in Faith Settings,” “Decolonizing Porn: Why We Need Ethical Production with Sally Fenaux for Erika Lust Films,” and “Kink 101.”

Big League Politics has reported on the troubling correlation between OnlyFans and the explosion of the child porn industry:

A video exposé posted onto YouTube by the account Racy Beaver makes a strong case that OnlyFans, the social media platform that encourages young girls to post lewd sexual content of themselves to the internet for cash, is driving global consumption of child pornography.

The video starts with some damning statistics about Western culture and use of pornography before dovetailing into OnlyFans, which has turned a nation of porn consumers into porn creators exploiting themselves for money to a subscriber base of gawking perverts.

“If you consume pornography on an even semi-regular basis, with an estimated 45 million child pornography photos and videos circulating the internet right now, chances are likely that you’ve consumed child pornography without releasing it,” Racy Beaver said.

“That’s almost certainly the case if you’re a regular user of OnlyFans,” he contended.

The video argues that OnlyFans’ lax standards allows young girls to make a fake ID, begin posting illicit underage pornography of themselves on the platform, and then distribute it for money to predators. This could be considered a form of child sex trafficking, and it is one that is already extremely pervasive throughout society.

Racy Beaver cited a BBC study contending that “on a single day, a third of Twitter profiles globally advertising “nudes4sale” (or similar) appeared to belong to an underage individual and many of those used OnlyFans to share their content.” He also found Twitter accounts where young girls were selling nude pictures and bragging about how they used fake IDs to sell child porn on OnlyFans.

Women have been liberated from virtue and decency in the repulsive decadent West. Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on modern-day America.

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