OK, BOOMER: White House Says John Bolton’s ‘Advanced Age’ Prevented Him From Accessing Twitter Account

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed during an appearance on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight last week that former national security adviser John Bolton was mistaken in his assertion that he was locked out of his Twitter account by the administration.

Grisham suggested that Bolton’s “advanced age” kept him from having the know-how to navigate the social media platform properly.

“Sometimes, I’ll use my father as an example, somebody who is of an advanced age may not understand that all you have to do is contact Twitter and reset your password if you’ve forgotten it so I’ll just leave it at that,” Grisham said to Dobbs.

Bolton announced last week that his account was “liberated” from White House control and thanked Twitter for helping him get access to it.

Bolton is expected to go on the offense against the Trump administration before the 2020 presidential election. He may have an ax to grind after leaving the White House under less-than-ideal circumstances, as President Trump has trashed the crazed interventionist for the many mistakes he made while serving in the administration.

“So, John is somebody that I actually got along with very well. He made some very big mistakes,” Trump said after Bolton resigned from the administration.

Trump was particularly disappointed with Bolton after his public comments that North Korea would be handled under the “Libyan model.” This almost sabotaged the ongoing peace negotiations between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, perhaps by design. Bolton has urged for belligerence rather than diplomacy in dealing with North Korea for many decades.

“And it set us back, and frankly he wanted to do things — not necessarily tougher than me — You know John’s known as a tough guy. He’s so tough he got us into Iraq … but he’s actually somebody I had a very good relationship with. But he wasn’t getting along with people in the administration that I consider very important,” Trump said.

“As soon as he mentioned that, the Libyan model, what a disaster. Take a look at what happened to Gadhafi,” he added. “I don’t blame Kim Jong Un for what he said after that. And he wanted nothing to do with John Bolton. And that’s not a question of being tough. That’s a question of being not smart to say something like that.”

Trump even mocked Bolton for his support of the Iraq war, which Trump once called the greatest mistake in U.S. history.

“John wasn’t in line with what we were doing and actually in some cases he thought it was too tough what we were doing,” he said. “Mr. Tough Guy, you know, you had to go into Iraq. Going into Iraq was something he felt very strongly about.”

Bolton signed a book deal earlier this month worth a stunning $2 million. The book is scheduled to be published before the 2020 presidential election, and will likely be a revenge missive of sorts from the mustachioed warmonger.

President Trump may learn the hard way to never trust a neocon after Bolton’s biased book is released.

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