OKC Pride Alliance Encourages ‘Child Drag Performers’ For Upcoming Event

Add this to the list of drag kid indoctrination: The Oklahoma City Pride Alliance is now looking for “child drag performers” for an upcoming Pride Month event.

The organization posted on its Facebook page that it is looking for children as young as thirteen to perform as drag queens, dancers, and more. The event is titled “Pridefest” and will take place in Oklahoma City (OKC) at Scissortail Park from June 24 to June 26.

On the 25th there will be a  “Teen Royalty Drag Race.” And on the 26th the OKC Pride Alliance will host a “Teen Vibes and Youth Services” session.

“Calling all musicians, drag artists, dancers, and talents ages 13-20!” the OKC City Pride Alliance Facebook post read. “@okcpayouth is currently accepting applications for performers. Don’t miss your chance to perform at Pridefest!”

By clicking on the link in the organization’s bio, children interested in performing at the pride event are redirected to a volunteer page that has applications for Pridefest volunteers and bartenders. One of the sessions intended for child volunteers is called the “Family Zone” which is located next to a playground.

Americans have seen an alarming uptick in drag events intended for children “of all ages” throughout this year’s Pride Month. Liberal leaders have praised the events, claiming that they are major opportunities for communities to promote diversity and inclusion.

New York Mayor Eric Adams, for example, has called drag events in his cirty the “core to what [New York] embraces.” Despite major blowback from parents across the nation.

Woke institutions and left-wing leaders are using Pride Month as their excuse to make ground on normalizing LGBTQ themes like child drag. Going further than simply asking America to accept its members, to seeking to recruit more individuals – some as young as mere infants – into their ideology.

New York has spent more than $200,000 on drag queen story hours at public schools, for instance, showcasing that the Democrat-controlled state is investing heavily in the promotion of these events.

Perhaps the most circulated example of child indoctrination from this year’s Pride Month was the “Drag The Kids To Pride” event held at a bar in Dallas, Texas. It revolved around drag queens and children, with activities ranging from musical chairs to a sexualized show by the drag queens in attendance — which children took part in.

Displayed signs read, “it’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine.”

In another example, four elementary schools’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) groups in Colorado joined forces to promote a drag queen story hour event earlier this month.

This emphasis on drag kids is proving to be a coordinated effort to introduce children to a series of adult themes and sex-crazed topics under the guise of a “family-friendly” pride event. Many parents, however, would beg to differ.

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