Oklahoma Elementary School Hires Drag Queen Previously Charged with Child Pornography Possession as Principal

A teacher who had been previously charged with child pornography possession and marauds as a drag queen is now the principal of an Oklahoma elementary school, and school administrators are defending the decision.

Shane Murnan was hired as principal of John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City back in June despite being charged with felony possession of child pornography back in 2001. He was a fifth-grade teacher at Will Rogers Elementary School when investigators reportedly found deleted images on his computer “depicting adolescent boys having sex with each other.”

Murnan’s charges were ultimately dismissed on a technicality with his attorneys arguing that since the graphic images were deleted from Murnan’s computer that they could not prove he was in possession of them, and the charges were eventually expunged from his record entirely.

“After careful consideration of the issues and whether we would ever be able to prove he was in possession of the deleted materials, we have decided not to appeal,” said District Attorney Rob Hudson after a judge ordered the dismissal of Murnan’s child porn charges. “We’re disappointed, but we respect the court’s decision.”

Western Heights Public Schools (WHPS) talked up Murnan’s “outstanding reputation” in a June 12 announcement of the alleged pedophile’s hiring as elementary school principal.

“Dr. Murnan has been serving the field of education for more than 25 years and has an outstanding reputation. He comes highly recommended from previous supervisors, colleagues and educators,” the announcement stated.

Additionally, Murnan regularly performs as a drag queen under the stage name Shantel Mandalay. Additionally, Murnan founded Oklahoma City Drag Queen Story Hour, Inc. so fellow crossdressing perverts could groom children with sexual propaganda under the guise of promoting tolerance and understanding.

“Live is about experiences and choices. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my lifetime and learned from them. I’ve also made some amazing decisions. One of those was becoming an educator. Having the opportunity to work with kids and encouraging them to do and be their best is so rewarding. Sometimes just making them feel loved or just putting a smile on their face is all they needed… A rabbit suit, smiles, hugs, laughter and making someone’s life a little better for a moment,” Murnan wrote on his drag queen page showing himself dressed as an Easter Bunny, according to research conducted by V1SUT.

The LGBT movement is getting ready to add the P to the end of their acronym. It will not be long before “minor-attracted persons” come out of the closet and demand civil rights. This is a cultural plague that has been unleashed throughout the West.

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