Oklahoma RINO Congressman Tom Cole Ducks Debate with America First Challenger Paul Bondar Before Primary Election

Republican Congressman Tom Cole has refused a debate with his America First upstart primary challenger Paul Bondar in Oklahoma’s 4th District with the election less than one week away.

The Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA) invited Cole and Bondar to a debate on Tuesday. Bondar immediately accepted the invitation, hoping to give voters in the 4th district an informed choice before they head into the polls and made their decision on who will represent them in Washington D.C.

“I’m honored to accept the OGWA’s invitation to engage in an open and transparent dialogue about the future of Oklahoma’s energy policy,” said Bondar.

“This is also an opportunity for voters in the Fourth Congressional District to hear solutions to issues keeping them up at night like putting food on their tables, runaway inflation caused by ‘Bidenomics’, and sealing the border,” he added.

Cole ducked the debate as he hopes to survive the toughest challenge of his career likely because he wants to hide from having to defend his woeful record.

Cole has recently advocated for $160 billion for Ukraine while ignoring pressing issues to Americans such as border security. Cole also floated a proposal at the South OKC Chamber of Commerce to cut social security benefits based on the supposed income levels of beneficiaries, showing that he will throw seniors under the bus while sending unaccountable sums of taxpayer money to globalist special interests.

“It is disappointing that Cole’s solution for saving social security is cutting seniors’ benefits,” Bondar said. We should be looking for ways to reduce federal spending instead of taking money out of peoples pockets.

At a time when the need for clarity and accountability in our government is more crucial than ever, it is disappointing that Congressman Cole has decided to avoid this important discussion,” Bondar declared. “Transparency is not just a principle but a practice, and the hardworking families of Oklahoma deserve a leader willing to demonstrate it publicly.”

In addition to supporting limitless funding for the Endless War in Ukraine, Cole has supported illegal FISA spying on Americans, supported red flag gun confiscation, opposed censuring disgraced Congressman Adam Schiff, and has donated to RINO presidential candidates Mike Pence and Nikki Haley.

Big League Politics has reported on Cole’s fervent opposition to President Trump’s 2024 candidacy and his support of anti-Trump Sen. Susan Collins of Maine:

Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) has been revealed for giving many contributions to Republican Party establishment figures in recent years, including Republicans who supported the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Cole’s political action committee, Conservative Opportunity Leadership and Enterprise PAC (COLE PAC), gave a $5,000 donation to Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a pro-impeachment RINO, as Collins vowed that she would not support Donald Trump for President this year.

“I cannot support former President Trump. I voted to convict him on the second impeachment charges, so I don’t think it should come as a surprise that I cannot support him,” Sen. Collins said in March, the same month in which she received the contribution from COLE PAC.

Additionally, Rep. Cole sent several donations to Mike Pence’s failed presidential campaign. This, of course, came well after Pence’s disgraceful betrayal on Jan. 6, 2021 where he refused to uphold his duty to the constitution to oppose election fraud.

Pence traveled the country for years trashing Trump leading up to his presidential run that fizzled into oblivion almost immediately, but not before Rep. Cole could send several donations his way. Rep. Cole gave $100 to Pence’s campaign on July 28 of last year, $100 again on Aug. 14, $50 on Sept. 13, and then $100 once more on Jan. 8 of this year months after Pence officially bowed out of the presidential campaign. Rep. Cole also gave $250 to Pence’s Great America Committee in Dec. 2022.

Despite being a staunch supporter of the traitor Pence, that did not stop Rep. Cole from hedging his bets. He financially supported a myriad of RINOs running in vain attempts to keep Donald Trump from getting back into the White House.

Rep. Cole gave $100 to the presidential campaign of ‘Neocon’ Nikki Haley on Sept. 13 of last year, then gave $50 to Haley on Nov. 7, and then gave a $100 donation to Haley on Nov. 29. Rep. Cole also gave five separate contributions to Nikki Haley’s Stand for America PAC totaling $200$200$100$250 and $100 throughout the year of 2022. Rep. Cole gave $500 to turncoat former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s PAC when he was considering a presidential run against Trump as well.”

The Oklahoma Congressional District 4 primary election between Rep. Cole and his America First challenger Bondar will take place on Tuesday, June 18.

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