Oklahoma Senator James Lankford’s Love Affair with Refugee Resettlement Exposed

Why is Oklahoma Senator James Lankford supporting refugee resettlement?

Twitter poster The Columbia Bugle tweeted the following about Senator James Lankford’s support for refugee resettlement in his state of Oklahoma:

A Perfect Example of an America Last Republican:

Senator Lankford

-Denies that refugee resettlement contractors make money off the racket

-Claims refugees are starting businesses & aren’t a drain on taxpayers

-Asserts that all legal immigration is a net benefit to the country


Lankford went on the Pat Campbell show to justify taking in refugees.

He believes that the refugees to Oklahoma have been “beneficial to Oklahoma’s economy” and are generally small business owners that are able to contribute.

Campbell asked Lankford “Does legal immigration adversely impact American citizens?”

Lankford responded, “No. Legal immigration helps us as a nation as well.” He cited the growing economy and the need to “maintain it” because of America’s low birthrates. In order to maintain this growth, Lankford believes that legal migration must fill in the void.

Under Governor Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma has been one of the states that has fallen for the refugee resettlement craze.

And it hasn’t come cheap.

John Binder of Breitbart News reported that “refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers approximately $9 billion every five years.”

However, mass migration shouldn’t just be viewed in a transactional sense.

Due to cultural differences and political outlooks, mass migration can fundamentally alter a country’s character if mass migration waves are not kept in check.

That’s why pauses —natural or legislative — should be implemented to ensure assimilation, socio-economic stability, and national integrity.

Hopefully, Republicans like Lankford can get the memo.

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