Omar Navarro Made Men Great Again At His ‘Tribute To Men’ Event During CPAC

A short drive from the pretentious ballrooms of the Gaylord Hotel, filled with neocons, left-wing reporters, along with some very fine people attending CPAC, a very different event was taking place.

The first annual Tribute to Men, hosted by Maxine Water’s Republican challenger Omar Navarro, and Making Love Great Again author DeAnna Lorraine was being hosted in a room connected to Harry’s Pub, a stone’s throw from Trump International Hotel.

The high energy crowd was there to celebrate men, and their role in shaping American civilization. Speeches took place in front of a banner with the event’s slogan, “Strong Men, Strong Nation.”

Perhaps the most high-profile speaker was former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones, who declared the need for more strong men, and less “soy boys.”

Along with Jones, former NFL player, and conservative author Burgess Owens rocked the crowd with a speech decrying a number of left-wing movements, with special attention on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

At the mention of Colin Kaepernick, one man screamed “Get that son of a bitch off the field!”

PragerU social media influencer Will Witt spoke of the Boy Scouts in his speech. Coming from a family with no strong father figure, he credits the Boy Scouts for positively influencing him towards growing into a successful man. If it weren’t for the Boy Scouts, Witt says that he may have grown up to be a “soy boy.”

Founder of the #WalkAway movement Brandon Straka, who is gay, gave his praise to men, specifically straight men. He declared that “ain’t nobody loves men like I do.”

But among all the speakers, there were perhaps no other more controversial than Enrique Tarrio, the Afro-Cuban Chairman of the Proud Boys.

His speech started with a reading from Patrick Buchanan’s Death of West, and ended with a toast to the entrepreneurs, the housewives, free speech, and guns.

After the toast, Tarrio decried the “parasites both in the streets and in the White House,” later telling Big League Politics he was referring to those figures trying to subvert the agenda of President Trump.

Among the crowd of Trump supporters, the only real standout was Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, who none-the-less was thanked by Navarro for attending. He subsequently wrote his own story on the event.

The rowdy event finalized with a wedding ceremony between a long-time married couple wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. They felt that the event was much better fitted than the courthouse wedding they went through years ago.


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