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ON THE OUTS? College Republican National Committee President is NOT INVITED to Speak at RNC This Year

Chandler Thornton is not on the RNC docket.



Sources have informed Big League Politics that College Republican National Committee (CRNC) President Chandler Thornton was not invited to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this year.

Thornton’s previous two predecessors as CRNC President were able to address the RNC, but he did not receive the invitation this time around. It could be due to his long history of opposing President Donald Trump’s agenda and attacking student activists in his corner.

Thornton once sent a letter to College Republicans at the University of Washington, complaining about their “America First” stances on positions, and actually de-chartering the group for political wrongthink.

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“We will have nothing to do with this unauthorized group as it is the policy of the CRNC that campuses be free from hurtful or inappropriate speech and be a forum for safe, lively, and diverse opinions being expressed from every corner of America,” Thornton wrote in his letter filled with social justice snowflake language.

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Thornton tried to coerce the university to stop recognizing the Washington College Republicans group and replace them with the Husky Republicans, a group founded by a “Never Trump” crony of Thornton’s by the name of Jack Pickett.

This is the type of acceptable Republicanism that Thornton is promoting. Under his stewardship, the College Republicans have been rocked by many disgraceful scandals as well.

Big League Politics broke the story of a College Republican leader from Michigan who was accused of sexual assault against several young men, allegedly abusing his authority as a College Republican to blackmail them into inappropriate acts:

A chairman with the Michigan Federation for College Republicans (MFCR) has been dismissed from his post after allegations of sexual impropriety have emerged from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md. this past weekend.

A Michigan Republican insider has alleged that former MFCR Public Relations Chairman Dorian Thompson coerced several college-aged young men into a hotel bathroom. Using his position of authority, Thompson then allegedly demanded that the young men allow him to inspect their genitals under the threat of destroying their futures in politics if they did not comply. Thompson is denying the allegations.

Thompson is a senior majoring in political science at Grand Valley State University (GVSU), a liberal arts university in Allendale. According to a source, they may open a Title 9 investigation into Thompson’s alleged actions.

The MFCR sent out an email to chapter leaders throughout Michigan explaining their reaction to the report and why they believe the allegations to be credible:

Dear Chapter Chairs,

Yesterday, we immediately removed Mr. Thompson from his position as Public Relations Chairman upon learning about deeply troubling allegations against him. We have a zero tolerance policy on both sexual assault and harassment. We believe the victims who have bravely come forward. If anyone has any additional information, please contact the relevant authorities.

We seek to create an environment in MFCR where college students are able to make a real difference in our political process and lifelong friends. It is abhorrent to think that one of our officers abused this platform to engage in such despicable behavior, and our thoughts and prayers are with his victims. We will not fill the position of PR Chairman until convention next month. Please reach out to any of the board members with questions or if you need resources.

– The MFCR Board

While Thornton is noticeably absent from the RNC docket, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk will be giving a speech in favor of the president. The CRNC is waning in relevancy due to Thornton’s failed leadership and perhaps his successor should be an individual in line with the populist “America First” trajectory of the GOP with Trump at the helm.


He Found His Spine: Vulnerable Senator Cory Gardner Vows to Support Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Gardner found his backbone.



Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) has often been at odds with the Trump movement, being a favorite of the GOP establishment’s Senate Leadership Fund.

This is why his recent declaration that he will be supporting President Donald Trump’s choice to succeed the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg is so surprising. He made the announcement in a Twitter post on Monday.

“When a President exercises constitutional authority to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court vacancy, the Senate must decide how to best fulfill its constitutional duty of advice and consent,” Gardner said in his official statement.

“I have and will continue to support judicial nominees who will protect the Constitution, not legislate from the bench, and uphold the law. Should a qualified nominee who meets this criteria be put forward, I will vote to confirm,” he added.

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The official statement can be seen here:

The president’s pick for the Supreme Court will certainly fit Gardner’s criteria. Trump has announced that he will be appointing a woman to the bench.

One top contender – Amy Comey Barrett – recently made a trip to the White House, as Big League Politics has reported:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett visited the White House on Monday, as President Donald Trump zeroes in on selecting a nominee to fill the vacant seat on the US Supreme Court.

Barrett is reportedly a front-runner for the judicial nomination. She’s a generally conservative judge, with a staunch pro-life record. Her track record on immigration law issues is generally conservative.

Barrett currently serves as a circuit judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has advised President Trump that she is his preferred candidate for the seat on the court.

President Trump had confirmed that he plans to nominate a woman to fill the seat of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died of complications from pancreatic cancer on Friday.

Democrats have launched a full-fledged fit urging President Trump to give them a break and decline to nominate a conservative justice, but they won’t be so lucky. Republican Senators and President Trump have rallied around the notion of appointing a justice before the November election, fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities.

Trump confirmed that he would be revealing the identity of his judicial nominee on Friday or Saturday, taking a few extra days to vet candidates. Florida Judge Barbara Lagoa is reportedly another candidate being considered for the nomination.

It’ll be inherently harder for incensed, power-thirsty Democrats to attack a female judicial candidate. Maybe they’ll alienate swing female voters through waging a scorched earth campaign to block the confirmation of Barrett, who is a mother of seven.

The Republicans have a great opportunity to score a major political victory and really stick it to the extreme Left with this expedited SCOTUS confirmation. The fact that a moderate like Gardner is on board is a great sign that the confirmation is likely to occur before November’s election.

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