Once Again, Buttigieg Is Sounding The Alarms Over Potential July 4th Air-Travel Disruptions Due To 5G

With the 4th of July right around the corner, Americans are gearing up to travel all across the nation to visit family, friends, and loved ones. Or so they think…

After all, Pete Buttigieg is the U.S. transportation secretary, and according to the Transportation Security Administration, 2023’s 4th of July will pose an even bigger travel day than the pre-Pandemic days. 

Something tells me those two things aren’t going to mix well…

But don’t take my word for it, Buttigieg is already sounding the alarms to warn of potential air-travel disruption. His reasoning – and no, it’s no sheer ineptitude and incompetence – is, of all things, 5G wireless signals.

Per The Wall Street Journal:

Aircraft that haven’t gone through the necessary equipment changes won’t be cleared to land in certain weather conditions when visibility is low starting July 1, when U.S. wireless companies plan to boost their 5G service to higher power levels. 

“There’s a real risk of delays or cancellations,” Buttigieg said in an interview. “This represents one of the biggest—probably the biggest—foreseeable problem affecting performance this summer.”

The Transportation Security Administration is anticipating 2.82 million people will be screened at airports over the coming week. 

Holiday travel should always warrant expectations of delays, but with Buttigieg at the helm, anything is possible. 

These worries about 5G wireless signals are not new, however. Airlines panicked last year after nationwide 5G was activated, which was going to cause cancellations and changed flights.

With ranting, raving, and scrambling – kind of like what we’re already starting to see now ahead of the 4th – the president of Emirates blasted the whole situation. Dubbing it “one of the most delinquent, utterly irresponsible” situations he has seen in his aviation career.

A year ago, because of the controversy and unknowns, companies agreed to roll back 5G to July 1st of 2023. Hence where we are right now just ahead of another major holiday travel day. It’s the same saga on repeat.

Buttigieg had an entire  year to prepare for possible delays or cancellations due to 5G activation, yet did nothing. Following the same tune as 2022, Buttigieg is already warning the public about what could and should have been foreseen.

As the White House often touts: Americans just need to lower their expectations.

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