One Shot, Four Deaths During Capitol Protest and Breaching

A total of four people died during the ‘Stop the Steal’ protest and breaching of the US Capitol on Wednesday, with Washington DC Police Chief Robert Contee revealing that three people died of medical emergencies.

Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit was shot and killed as protestors sought to breach a cordon walling off a restricted area, in an event that left many questioning why lethal force was utilized against the unarmed protestor.

It’s still unclear what happened the three unnamed individuals Contee revealed died at the protest. Rumors have suggested that two men and one woman died, with one suffering a heart attack after being tased by Capitol police.

Two supposed explosive devices were also found in the vicinity of the Capitol on Wednesday, planted near the RNC and Democratic National Committee headquarters. Law enforcement is yet to determine if the devices are authentic.

The loss of life appears to have been avoidable, and represents a great tragedy.

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