One-Third Of Seattle Residents Indicated They Will Leave City Due to Rising Crime & Cost of Living

A third of Seattle residents may leave the city due to surging crime and cost of living, per a recently published Seattle Times/Suffolk University poll.

Roughly 33% of the individuals polled indicated they were “seriously considering” moving out of Seattle. By contrast,  67% indicated they have no plans to flee the leftist stronghold. Among the individuals who said they’re considering leaving the city, 37% blamed rising costs, whereas 34% pointed to  public safety as the main concern.

Of individuals who expressed rehire desire to leave Seattle, 44% were renters, followed by 27% of homeowners. Individuals making less money, especially those earning under $20,000, were more likely to cite rising home prices as the main reason for leaving. On top of that, this same demographic also reported putting up with housing insecurity and homelessness at the highest rates.

Individuals in the highest income bracket who make over $250,000 annually, and are more likely to be homeowners, cited public safety as their main concern.

80% of individuals who are “seriously considering” leaving, believe Seattle is a bad place to live in, whereas 66% said they don’t feel safe in their own neighborhood.

According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, the Seattle metro region’s cost of living has skyrocketed by over 20% in the last three years. The area’s home price index is currently 40% higher than in 2018. Wages have not been able to keep up with these increases in the cost of living. 

Moving patterns demonstrated that these residents were more likely to leave the county’s wealthiest neighborhoods. By contrast, lower-income residents moved less often, although they were more likely to move out of the Seattle region altogether.

Roughly 65% of residents considering leaving pointed to the city’s inability to tackle the homelessness issue, and 60% indicated that the city’s quality of education is poor.

What’s happening in Seattle is commonplace in blue jurisdictions’ nationwide. Thanks to a combination of lax-on-crime policies and anti-business regulations, these cities have become both economically unviable and dangerous. 

The good news is that the US has a federalist system which allows for distressed residents in blue states to move to stabler and more business friendly jurisdictions in the Sun Belt. That’s the beauty of America’s federalist system.

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