One of Trump’s Most Notable Supporters ‘Exploring Legal Options’ After Being Slimed By Fox News as ‘Richard Spencer Ally’

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While one normally expects lies and slander about Trump supporters from the liberal media talking heads at MSNBC and CNN, it alarmingly seems to be crossing over into Fox News reporting as well.

On Tuesday, Fox News pundit Rick Leventhal stated that author and pro-Trump reporter Jack Posobiec “has been described” as an “ally of Richard Spencer.”

Leventhal was also careful to make sure that he brought up the Unite the Right rally Spencer attended over the weekend which ended in the tragic killing of a counter protester. He was seemingly attempting to smear Trump for retweeting Posobiec that morning.

Posobiec has been in a very public battle with the alt-right after he stated that he refused to share a stage with white nationalists and dropped off a rally he was slated to speak at when Spencer was added to the lineup.

Instead, Posobiec helped to plan an alternate rally on the same time and place as the rally Spencer was attending. Both took place at noon on June 25 — just over a mile apart. The competing rallies lead to a Twitter war, of sorts, between the “new right” and the alt-right.”

“Some of the speakers involved in the rally near the White House were originally scheduled to speak at the free speech rally, but reconsidered after learning that racists and anti-Semites would be allowed to voice their views,” the ADL wrote at the time, though they still later went on to smear both the “alt-right” and the “new right.”

Posobiec’s event was dubbed the “Rally for Peace” (which I also spoke at), and it received little reporting from the mainstream media. This is exceptionally interesting since the theme of the event was denouncing political violence, from both the right and the left. Why would the mainstream media want to ignore the right calling for peace? Well, if it bleeds it leads, am I right? Also, that wouldn’t make for very good footage to use to continue to smear all Trump supporters as a roving band of Nazis.

“The fake news media has lied and defamed our president for two years. It comes as no surprise to me that they are now lying and smearing all Trump supporters. I am an American military veteran who proudly wore the uniform of our country overseas on multiple deployments. My grandfather fought to liberate Poland from the type of Nazi scum that doughy internet larpers like Richard Spencer idolize,” Posobiec told Big League Politics.

“My family survived the occupation of the Nazis and the Soviets. I am a proud American conservative and am currently exploring legal options against these outrageous and willful lies,” Posobiec added.

Meanwhile, the media has been praising violent Antifa activists as darlings who are just out to “peacefully” oppose “racism,” while choosing to completely ignore their violence, arsons, and damaging public tantrums any time that a member of the right attempts to hold a speech or rally.

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