Only Tucker Carlson Retaining Nightly Audience as CNN, MSNBC Ratings Decline

Analysis of cable news ratings in the first two months of Joe Biden’s presidency reveal that Tucker Carlson has largely retained his audience, with other cable news hosts losing a significant percentage of their viewers. Primetime shows on CNN and MSNBC have suffered from a precipitous ratings decline, in some cases losing more than a quarter of their total viewers.

CNN has suffered the greatest loss of cable viewers since Biden’s ascension to the presidential throne. Nielsen analysis indicates that Don Lemon has lost 32.5% of his nightly audience, with Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo losing 32.2% and 28.5% respectively.

Struggling CNN daytime host Brian Stelter has lost no more than 44% percent of his daily audience since January, in a ratings collapse that could soon force the ‘disinformation’ reporter off the air.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has lost 16.7% of his audience, and Lawrence O’Donnell lost 17.6%. The decline in interest could ultimately result in layoffs at liberal media networks, flush off a cash cow from stirring relentless hysteria during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Other Fox hosts such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham lost approximately 10% of their audience, a slight decline paling in comparison to the figurative bleeding at MSNBC and CNN. However, Tucker lost only 4.8% of his audience, retaining viewers with nightly bold criticism of President Joe Biden’s liberal-globalist vision of governance. Carlson was among the first American commentators to cover the impacts of Biden’s ‘America Last’ approach on border security and immigration.

Carlson also barely lost ground with the advertiser-sought 25-54 demographic, with only 2.3% of his viewers in that age range tuning out. Carlson has had the best-performing cable news show in America for several years. Rachel Maddow had eclipsed him after the 2020 election with many Fox viewers displeased the network called the race for Biden, but her own decline in ratings compared to Carlson’s indicates the Ameria First populist commentator is slated to regain the top spot in news ratings by the end of the month, if trends in viewership continue.

Carlson has emerged as Joe Biden’s primary critic, with many conservative pundits unable to formulate criticism of the neoliberal establishment Democrat’s governance beyond calling him a ‘socialist.’ With the most powerful national platform among conservative Americans, some have speculated about a potential presidential campaign on the part of the charismatic public speaker.

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