OOPS: Jared Kushner Registered To Vote As A Woman

UPDATE: The error was reportedly on the part of the New York State Board of Elections.

We’ve all done it. Filled out our voter registration and, you know, made a mistake. Usually we just fix it, before we submit it. It might be a zip code, or we forget to add our apartment number, just small things. We certainly wouldn’t want to register with the wrong party or spell our own name wrong. That would be silly, and super embarrassing if we didn’t catch it. I mean, who forgets how to spell their own name?

But if Jared Kushner is seen as a guy who is not exactly pro wrestler material, nobody has really ever questioned his general manliness.  Accepting a role as a top advisor to the President, and  being tasked with forging peace in the Mideast don’t really show signs of someone who lacks intestinal fortitude.

Although lately he seems to literally have that Zingbot from Big Brother following him around as he meanders along the corridors of power. But we assure you, we mean no ill will, we are laughing WITH Jared on this one.

So here it is: A Democratic opposition research group has uncovered something about Jared none of us would have ever suspected.

In 2009 when he registered to vote he checked the box for female. Yes, our President’s son in law is a female voter in the great state of New Jersey. But while we might laugh and guffaw at the hilarious error, one easily made, the liberal press have somehow conflated this to mean the President’s point man on peace the in Middle East has somehow disqualified himself.

That’s right, they just assumed that person’s gender!

We really don’t care how Jared identifies himself. We are watching the substance of his advice and influence on actual policy. For instance, the possibility Kushner advised the President to back Luther Strange is somehow as hilarious, if true, as checking the box for female.

Kushner also advised Trump to fire James Comey. He advised the President to hire Anthoni Scaramucci. We are all still laughing about those hilarious blunders. But, hey, if Kushner solves the 2,000 year old riddle of why the Middle East is always in crisis, all is forgiven.

It should be noted, that, according to American Bridge, that Democratic opposition research group, prior to 2009 Jared’s sex was listed as “unknown.” And THAT is even more hilarious.

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