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OP-ED: It’s Reset Time At The Justice Department



Jeff Sessions has been perhaps the most surprising disappointment of this administration.

The first Senator to throw his lot behind the renegade Trump campaign at a time when the entire Republican establishment was united against the brash New Yorker, Sessions was in a perfect position to advance the President’s agenda at The Department of Justice by shaking up the status quo of lackadaisical immigration enforcement, weak policies on terrorism, and a hands-off policy towards Obama/Clinton era Democratic corruption.

Sessions wasted these opportunities right at the outset of the administration with his boneheaded and unnecessary decision to recuse himself in any matter connected with the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. This crippled his authority over the Department right off the bat, and put hostile careers and Obama appointees at Justice in the driver’s seat for the duration of his tenure; effectively turning the Attorney General into a ceremonial post relegated to speaking at Law School commencements and the occasional ribbon cutting ceremony.

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Cowed by the Deep State bureaucrats under his command, he compounded this mistake with his insistence on having Comey and Mueller ally Rod Rosentstein serve as his deputy. Rosenstein took effective control of the Department upon Sessions’ Russia recusal, which has proved a disastrous impediment to advancing the interests of the President, allowing a phony investigation of Russian collusion to consume the political energies of the administration and feeding the establishment dream of overturning the election results of two years ago.

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While in office, Sessions has pursued his own agenda on issues where he retains some authority, in direct contradiction to the President’s agenda and political well-being.

For example, strongly against the trend toward the legalization of marijuana at the state level, Sessions has stacked the deck by helping convene a secret commission to provide the president with exclusively negative information regarding effects of pot consumption and the experience of states that have taken legalization measures. He also rescinded the Cole memo on marijuana enforcement at the state level, yet another example of his insistence on pursuing a personal agenda at serious political cost to the president.

It was past time for Sessions to go, and filling his position at Justice creates an opportunity to turn around numerous negative narratives he has created for Trump.

It is time for an attorney general that can do the job, in an uncompromised, vigorous fashion.

Of the various names being floated out there by Washington insiders, a few are political non-starters.  John Sullivan, the current deputy secretary of state should be dismissed out of hand — in part, if not exclusively, for his decision to pursue a witch hunt against Trump political appointees at State.  He was a Tillerson pick, and should probably rejoin Tillerson in the private sector.

Strong choices include: Janice Rogers Brown, a former United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit; Chuck Coooper, a strong appellate attorney and litigator in Washington, DC; Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas who is 100 percent behind the President and a rising star in the immigration debate; Adam Laxalt the current Attorney General of Nevada, and Mike Carvin, a strong attorney with extensive DOJ and appellate court experience.

All of the above would be great loyal choices for POTUS and would turn the Justice department around. President Trump needs his top law enforcement official firing on all cylinders and aggressively countering the inevitable shenanigans of a newly empowered House Democratic leadership over the next few years to put him in a strong position for the re-elect in 2020. Since his choice for the next Attorney General needs to be a bold one, he can’t afford to heed the voices of the usual cautious Republican-establishment fixers who have inevitably steered him wrong when he has bothered to take their counsel. A strong Trumpster at Justice can change everything.

Rob Wasinger is the former Director of Senate and Gubernatorial Affairs for President Trump’s White House.
Follow him on Twitter at @RobertWasinger.

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President Donald Trump Reduced Afghanistan War Casualties by 98 Percent Compared to Obama’s First Term

This is what “America First” foreign policy is all about.



President Donald Trump’s foreign policy achievements have largely been hidden from the public, with the fake news media and Democrats preferring to focus on fake Russian collusion stories rather than highlighting the president’s efforts to get the troops out of harm’s way.

Libertarian-leaning Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) pointed out the facts regarding the president’s foreign policy record, showing that Trump’s foreign policy in Afghanistan has resulted in a sharp reduction in casualties in America’s longest war:

The majority of Obama’s casualties came in his first term, when he doubled down on the Afghan war with a troop surge. He sent more troops into harm’s way without anything to show for it except for more blood. There were an incredible 2,196 troops killed in Afghanistan during Obama’s first term, and he was given a Nobel Peace Prize before his brutal policies ever really took effect.

Big League Politics reported earlier this month when President Trump pledged to bring all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan by Christmas:

President Trump issued a surprise announcement on the American military presence in Afghanistan, stating that all troops would be removed from the country by Christmas in a Wednesday evening tweet.

The announcement represents a new imperative to end the American presence in Afghanistan, which has qualified as the lengthiest war in American history.

Deep State bureaucrats have consistently fought to stonewall President Trump’s initiative to end American involvement in the failed state once and for all.

Afghanistan has been made the beneficiary of billions of dollars in American foreign aid and military assistance, but the nation’s government is still largely unable to stand on its own two feet. The Afghan Taliban continues to govern large swathes of the country, and regularly carries out terrorist attacks that inflict significant casualties on the Afghan Army.

Joe Biden is largely silent on Afghanistan, stating that he’ll end the war but clarifying that he only plans to return home the “majority” of service members stationed in the country. President Trump has already withdrawn thousands of American military personnel deployed to the country. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has been overseeing efforts to reach a final peace agreement with the Taliban in which they’d recognize the country’s feeble government.

The leaked Afghanistan Papers have revealed an enduring pattern of misconduct and deception on the part of senior government officials, who regularly sugarcoated the progress that the military was making in installing a Jeffersonian-style democracy in the troubled central Asian nation. Afghanistan is bitterly divided along sectarian, tribal and religious lines, and the region’s involvement in the decline of the Soviet Union and the British Empire have led some to style it as the “graveyard of empires.”

President Trump has made great progress toward putting the troops first despite tremendous institutional impediments from the military-industrial complex. He is clearly the peace candidate, running against the reckless imperial foreign policy of Obama/Biden, on the ballot for this election.

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