OPINION: No, Joe Biden is Not a ‘Socialist.’ He is Something Far Worse.

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about U.S. relations with the Kremlin at the Council on Foreign Relations, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President-imposed Joe Biden has seized the White House. Whether we accept the legitimacy of his regime or not, Biden is going to be leading America for four years. But, don’t worry, the GOP brain trust has the recipe to cripple his administration: Call him a socialist!

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is banging this drum already as she readies herself to be the face of the post-Trump Republican Party. No longer having to masquerade as a Trump supporter, Haley has formed the Stand for America PAC and intends to recycle the same tired, anti-socialist talking points that have never resonated with anyone outside of the choir.

Haley’s PAC has been ostensibly formed to defeat the Democrats’ “agenda focused on socialism.” She claims that Biden/Harris is the “furthest left the Democrat Party has gone in history.” This message is hand-crafted for the donor class, who wants to protect their immense wealth above all else, and will certainly be used to line the pockets of many political consultants who have hitched their wagons to the Haley griftosphere.

This may appeal to a dwindling group of erstwhile boomers who remain stuck in the Cold War mindset, but these critiques otherwise fall on deaf ears or are laughed off completely. Socialism is no longer a dirty word among the American youth. Far from it, it is actually the dominating ideology of the nihilistic and tech-wired Generation Z. This is dismissed as the result of economic ignorance or marxist indoctrination by conservatives at their peril. The main reason why young people are embracing socialism is because the vaunted “free market” economy promised to them by Republicans has been a cruel deception.

They have watched Republicans sign off on trillions in corporate welfare while offering mere scraps to the American people. They have watched Republicans sign off on endless wars while refusing to expand government programs that actually help the needy. There may be a handful of individuals in the Republican Party who stand consistently for limited government, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) or Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), but they are ineffectual and seem weak arguing for the supremacy of a Constitution that has been toilet paper for decades.

Republicans will not admit the truth about Biden and his true agenda, which is far from socialism, because many of them serve the same masters and are behind the same agenda. Biden does not want the state to control the means of production; instead, he is a byproduct of the same fetid Washington D.C. swamp that has produced the likes of Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Every influential K Street lobbyist has had Biden’s number on speed dial for decades. He has rubber-stamped virtually every corporate power grab passed through Congress from the 1970s until becoming Vice President in 2008, often with the aid and support of Republicans.

Biden has certainly supported big government insofar as it means that his corporate masters will be papered over, but he does not want socialism by any honest definition. He wants to restore faith in the globalist neoliberal status quo. Biden and his court Democrats want to keep up the façade that they are holding back a bunch of wicked, blood-thirsty fascists while the GOP establishment wants to maintain the illusion that they are holding back hordes of bomb-throwing socialist freeloaders. In actuality, they want the common people of Right and the Left, many of whom may have mutual enemies or interests, at each other’s throats while corporate chieftains loot and plunder what’s left of the American Dream.

In actuality, Biden is far worse than a socialist. Biden represents the endgame of a system that gives bailout socialism for the wealthy and well-connected and offers pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps conservatism for the poor and needy. He wants to enrich a decadent oligarchy that has already turned America into a Chinese colony without so much as informing the American people about the shift. All American patriots will be profiled, harassed, maligned, cajoled, digitally erased and treated like terrorists in Biden’s America not because of a socialist overthrow that is underway, but rather, as part of the coronation of a globalist technocracy, and many Republicans are certainly on board.

The scientific dictatorship of the future has arrived, and Biden is the proper vegetable to usher in this dystopian nightmare. The Republican establishment wants to play their constituents as suckers for the umpteenth time and leave them whining about socialism while playing right into Biden’s hands. Republicans cannot afford to fall into this trap yet again. This demonic system needs to be opposed in terms that are accurate and will resonate with the public. The GOP must evolve into a populist workers’ party in the years to come, embracing government action when it helps the people and the nation and rejecting state power when it does not serve those narrow functions. Otherwise the Republican Party suffers a much-deserved demise, possibly with our nation and our civilization dying alongside it, with gullible, stubborn conservatives only having themselves to blame.

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