Opinion Polling Reveals Potential French Presidential Candidate Eric Zemmour in Second Place

New opinion polling suggests that French television host Eric Zemmour would qualify for the second round of the 2022 French presidential election. Mr. Zemmour, a broadly nationalist political commentator and a staunch critic of Islam and American-style “woke” ideology, has suggested he’s interested in a potential presidential campaign without yet announcing a candidacy.

Polling finished earlier this month suggested Zemmour would emerge as the French rightist candidate in the runoff of the tenative 2022 presidential election, facing euroliberal French president Emmanuel Macron in a runoff election. Zemmour polls above Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National party and successor to French nationalist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Presidential elections in France are formatted in two rounds, with the two most popular candidates facing one another in a runoff election. Le Pen previously faced Macron in the 2017 French election runoff, losing handily to the European liberal, with polls in turn suggesting the right-leaning French electorate may be interested in trying a different and more unorthodox candidate to represent the constituency. American-style ‘woke’ racial caste systems have become increasingly unpopular in France in recent years, with some suggesting the nation could be the next to elect a nationalist or populist leader in defiance to the cultural programs exported by the Anglo-Saxon world.

Polling published earlier this month by Le Monde newspaper revealed Zemmour edges out Marine Le Pen, garnering 16% whereas the legacy leader received 15%. The same polling also indicates Zemmour would be more likely to receive a majority of support in a tentative second round against Macron.

Atlanticist media funded by western oligarchs has dismissed Zemmour as merely the “French Trump” or “Trump,” fundamentally unable to grasp sentiment in western societies that opposes an elite vision of a multiculturalist and liberal society that predates the reign of the previous US president and withstands the platform of any specific political figure.

Mr. Zemmour rose to political prominence in France as a television host, rather than a celebrity or political figure, with political observers remarking he bears more resemblance to Tucker Carlson than Donald Trump. In era where the western right increasingly finds itself more interested in emotional “hit” internet conspiracy theories than political philosophy and policy, Zemmour more closely resembles a populist candidate that would’ve risen to political prominence in 2015-2016, an era marked by the success of the Brexit movement and the election of Donald Trump to the US presidential throne.

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