Opinion: Unifying with Democrats is Like Being Converted by the Sword

After the installation of President-imposed Joe Biden in the White House, America has never been more divided, and considering the current circumstances, this is not such a bad thing. Political unity at this point is a national suicide pact for every American patriot, akin to spitting in the faces of their heroic ancestors, and is little more than a glorified humiliation ritual.

The response from the Democrats following the infamous Capitol riot shows that their version of unity mirrors that of radical Islam. Democrats want unity in the sense that their opposition must submit to their every whim and accept their permanent subjugation. Republicans must castigate themselves and beg for forgiveness for ever electing Trump as president. White guilt show trials may be on the way to satiate the left-wing mob. 

According to traditional American values, the individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol and committed acts of violence were themselves responsible for the tragic events that occurred on Jan. 6. It was not former President Trump, or anyone else who was responsible for these actions besides the persons who actually damaged the property and fought law enforcement. This marxist notion of collective responsibility should be an alien concept in the land of the free.

Democrats and their allies are painting with a deliberately broad brush to justify further incursions against the Bill of Rights. When “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests spiraled into destruction and bloodshed on many occasions last summer, the media did not blame every nonviolent protester or organizer for the violence. Quite the contrary, they pacified the masses on behalf of the terrorists and laughed as a siege was launched on the White House.

Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris, actually raised bail money to get rioters back on the street. Similarly, after ANTIFA members attacked President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, virtually every violent thug had their charges dropped. Nobody is saying that the Capitol rioters should get off scot free for crimes that were perpetrated on Jan. 6. The systemic injustice in how the law is applied is what conservatives find so offensive.

These are the sort of double standards that have caused a legitimacy crisis within our government.  Democrats now talk of unity in one statement while declaring the need for the federal government to treat their political opposition like ISIS in the next breath. Their notion of unity is akin to conversion by the sword. This is not how the American Republic is meant to function. The government will collapse under these current conditions and deservedly so. 

We must unify as Americans around the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution, showing mutual respect toward one another, treating each other with dignity as individuals endowed with unalienable rights by the same Creator. Nobody is perfect in this regard but if we want to heal the nation, we must make an effort for honest unity. However, we cannot unify through submission to endless COVID-19 lockdown edicts. We cannot unify with fealty to China. Pushing for election reform does not make an individual a racist. Wanting an investigation into whistleblowers’ claims of voter fraud does not make someone a terrorist. Until these self-evident truths are recognized, authentic political unity will remain untenable.

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