Oprah Pal: Charlie Rose Is Still ‘My Friend’


Oprah Winfrey’s friend Gayle King weighed in Thursday on the Charlie Rose sexual harassment case rocking CBS News.

The network, run by Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes’ brother David Rhodes, is now at the center of a global debate on the Left on ethics and integrity in the workplace.

27 women have accused Charlie Rose, and the Washington Post has interviewed over 100 people in its Charlie Rose coverage.

Oprah Winfrey, who is accused of looking the other way and even in being complicit with Hollywood sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein, must be questioning how close her friend Gayle King was to the situation at CBS. After all, Gayle King is one of CBS’ most prominent faces.

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Here, King said she was “sick to her stomach” upon learning of the Charlie Rose situation, which involves more than 100 people talking about incidents over many years.

“I still consider him a friend,” Gayle King said.

“I’m sick of handling it. I just want us to move forward…”



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