#OprahKnew Takes Off: Oprah Pictured Gazing At Harvey Weinstein

Democratic presidential front-runner Oprah Winfrey was photographed gazing at Democratic Party benefactor Harvey Weinstein.

The photograph has sparked the Twitter hashtag #OprahKnew, a take-off on the #SheKnew campaign rocking Hollywood. A street artist has been tormenting Meryl Streep and others for their own associations with Weinstein over the years.

Winfrey spent her Golden Globes speech absolving Hollywood of the guilt of its years — decades — of complicity in sexual assault and abuse cases like Weinstein’s.

Winfrey’s strength as a politician — as in her talk show career — is her ability to absolve people of guilt for their own poor choices, and to shift the blame onto others, as part of a self-help scheme known as “empowerment.”

Big League Politics will continue to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Oprah’s probable candidacy as we get closer to 2020.